PM designate Saad Hariri says every party should make "sacrifices" for the formation of the new Cabinet

Map. History of Lebanon conflict

24 September 2018
Maj Gen Qassemi Soleimani, head of Quds Force of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps IRGC described Lebanon's recent elections as a referendum, saying the votes were held in a situation where Hezbollah was being accused of interfering in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and the region.
PM designate Saad Hariri says every party should make "sacrifices" for the formation of the new Cabinet
Hezbollah leader Nasrallah says his fighters will only leave Syria if its leadership requests it
Lebanon freezes UNHCR residency applications: foreign minister
Far-right NGO linked to Identitarian movement - members of which are currently being prosecuted in Austria, while others have been banned from entering the UK - is "working" with Syrian refugees in Lebanon to discourage fleeing to Europe.
Lebanon parliament speaker Berri, who is an ally of Hizbullah says the armed group will withdraw from Syria once the "country is captured and unified"
SAA 11th Division begin its deployment along the Syrian-Lebanese border in place of Hezbollah who withdraw from the northern parts of the border during the last two days
Lebanon gen security chief says contacted Syria to return thousands of refugees to their homes: Al Jazeera
Hezbollah: If Israel starts a war in Gaza, we will fire rockets from Lebanon and Syria to Tel Aviv.
Without France, Lebanon would probably be at war, Macron says
PM Hariri says everyone has the right to make demands
Report citing Lebanese + Russian media outlets says 2 Israeli Air Force F-16 planes were challenged by Russian Sukhoi Su-34 jets over Tripoli, Lebanon, early on Monday and forced away. "There's been no official confirmation from Russia or Israel".
Lebanese Intelligence arrests Zaman Al Wasl reporter in Arsal
4 month ago
Nasrallah: Lebanon is not bankrupt but if it continues into this road it will lead to collapse.
4 month ago
Nasrallah: I read all election programmes, all which talked about providing services and tackling corruption, great, there is a joke in Lebanon that before elections parliamentarians remember us and after they forget us
4 month ago
Nasrallah: We refuse US/Zionist agenda in Lebanon whether it is occupation or installing political administration or a normalisation agreement
4 month ago
Nasrallah: Not to forget the people of the villages and those on the border region and throughout all Lebanon. Lebanese Army and other factions also played a role, as well as the Syrian Arab Army who sacrificed dead.
4 month ago
Nasrallah: On Liberation Day of 25 May 2000, I congratulate all on this day whether it's Lebanon or the people of the region as a lesson for the present and future.
Reports that Israeli warplanes were flying over Lebanon at the time of airstrike on Dabaa airbase in Syria
Saad Hariri: We hope to form a transitional government and must adhere to the policy of disassociation
Hariri received 111 votes out of 128 during parliamentary consultations
Saad Hariri receives parliamentary approval to form Lebanese government. 69 votes out of 128
Lebanon's Hariri wins majority support to be PM
Lebanon's Aoun expected to designate Hariri PM
Another USAF aircraft over Lebanon
USAF Lebanon: ISR N208JF -Cessna 208B from Wright-Patterson AFB ops over Lebanon 14700' speed 108kts. U.S. Air Force airborne surveillance experts are working with L-3 Communications Corp. to convert Cessna 208B into ISR platforms.
4 month ago
Lebanese parliament elects Nabih Berri as its president with 98 votes to 30
Nabih Berri was re-elected as Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament
4 month ago
Report: Lebanon PM Hariri says decision taken to accelerate gov formation
4 month ago
No change at top for Lebanon's parliament, Hezbollah ally seeks deputy post
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