Report: Lebanon Cautions Against 'Street Protests' to Pressure Govt.

Map. History of Lebanon conflict

26 September 2018
Hezbollah's Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has said if Israel decides to go to start a war, he "will import the next war into Israel" by sending ground forces to attack settlements and cities close to the Lebanese borders.
Report: Lebanon Cautions Against 'Street Protests' to Pressure Govt.
Lebanese Army received the fourth batch of the BRADLEY armored combat vehicles at Beirut Port as part of the US military assistance program for the Lebanese Army
Hezbollah militia: Delayed formation of the Lebanese government threatens to slide the country into tension
Between 3,000 and 5,000 Refugees have gone back from Lebanon under reconciliation deals this year. "These deals are relatively insignificant in number, but they send a message to the press and public that it is safe to return," said @nasseryassin @ifi_aub @refugeesdeeply
UN envoy Danon: New UNIFIL commander can help fight against Hezbollah
Lebanese PM: I will never go to Syria or meet Assad even if it costs me my job
Lebanon's PM-designate Saad Hariri on Army Day: On this day we remember the sacrifices of the army and security forces so that Lebanon remains independent
US Navy signals reconnaissance P-3 off Lebanon EP-3E Aries II / 1573261 month ago
US Navy signals reconnaissance P-3 off Lebanon EP-3E Aries II / 157326
Lebanese President is hopeful that cabinet will be formed next week; Aoun will only support a national unity gov't that reflects each party's proportion of parliamentary representation.
Lebanon tells Israel to halt works in south Lebanon
[email protected] reports that US secretary for FP Pompeo refused to see Lebanon foreign minister Gebran Bassil who was also warned about more pressure applied on Lebanon over Hezbollah
600 displaced people prepare to return to Beit Jann Syria from Shebaa south of Lebanon
Lebanese President said that Lebanon welcomes the Russian initiative for the return of the displaced Syrians to their homeland
A Lebanese was arrested yesterday for comparing Roukoz, Aoun and Bassil to the Assad family, writing 'what's the difference?'. A reminder that the FPM is an ally of Hezbollah and the Assad government.
2 month ago
Russia has sent working groups to Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey to help coordinate the return of refugees to Syria
Lebanon's Hariri says optimistic on government formation
Russian delegation to arrive in Beirut Thursday to follow up on Syrian refugee return plan: source
Lebanon could generate over 500 million USD yearly from hashish cannabis industry with the country one of top 5 world producers with over 5% world share
Report: Suspected drug dealer, 7 others killed in Lebanese army raid
Hundreds of Syrian refugees return from Lebanon Zamrani crossing to their homes in Syria's West Qalamoun after security and peace was restored by the Syrian Arab Army
Hezbollah members evacuated from Syria's Foua and Kafraya came back to Lebanon.
Lebanon president says U.S. pullout from Iran deal will hurt Middle East
Lebanon's President Michel Aoun: US withdrawal from Iran's nuclear agreement negatively affects the regional stability
Lebanese Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil: All roads with Syria, Jordan and Iraq will reopen.
Lebanon: Reportedly Israeli aircraft flying in the areas of Arqoub, Hasbaya and Bekaa.
Minor earthquake felt across Lebanon, registered 4.3 on the Richter scale.
Child dies in Baalbek after shooting himself when playing with father's gun
Aarsal: Families have crammed years' worth of possessions into the back of their trucks; others are just leaving on their tractors. Many say they are returning to Syria not because the time is right, but because life in Lebanon has become unliveable.
Washington Post Middle East Correspondent Louisa Loveluck: We're in the Lebanese town of Arsal, covering the voyage of 600+ Syrian refugees back across border to Syria. Scenes of joy but also grief. The decision to return has divided families - a daughter leaves, a mother stays - and future for those who leave remains deeply uncertain.
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