Israeli army builds a wall at border technical zone at Ras el Naquoura

Map. History of Lebanon conflict

23 February 2018
Israeli army builds a wall at border technical zone at Ras el Naquoura
The Israeli Army began building the concrete wall in Ras al-Naqura South Lebanon amid a large Israeli alert
The Lebanese Supreme Defense Council issued directives to prevent Israel's building a wall inside Lebanon territory
Lebanese Defense Council: says if Israel builds border wall on Lebanese territory, it will be considered an aggression against Lebanon - statement
The Syrian army says, Israel air force attacked a research center outside Damascus, the Syrian claims the Israeli air-strike was carried out from Lebanese airspace and that it destroyed 'most of the missiles' that were fired
Lebanese soldier, militant die in army raid: statement
US Embassy in Beirut: The 8 Bradleys delivered to the @LebarmyOfficial today increase the size of the LAF's Bradley force and increase the LAF's capability to conduct joint combined arms maneuver
US Treasury Department imposes sanctions on six people and seven entities it says are linked to Hezbollah group
Lebanon using diplomacy to counter Israel over offshore energy tender: president
Lebanon's arrests of people who criticise public officials is creating a "pattern of prosecutions" said rights group Human Rights
Israel, Lebanon clash over offshore energy, raising tensions
Berri / Amal supporters stage a mobile moped protest through center of Beirut earlier tonight on second day of protests after video leaked of foreign minister gebran Bassil calling Berri a thug. Video by @victoriajyan
The Lebanese president calls on political leaders to maintain stability, security and national unity
New HHS Secretary Alex Azar: What an honor it is to become the 24th secretary of Health and Human Services in the United States. Only in America, the grandchild and great-grandchild of immigrants from Lebanon, Ukraine, England, Switzerland, gets to have that opportunity.
3 week ago
PM @netanyahu just met with Russia pres Putin at the Jewish Museum in Moscow as they toured the "Sobibor: Victorious over Death" exhibition. Before leaving Israel, the PM said he will discuss "Iran's effort to turn Lebanon into one giant missile site"
USAF + USN snooping around Lebanon / Syria: RC-135U Combat Sent + P8 Poseidon + others in vicinity (64-14847 + 169003)3 week ago
USAF + USN snooping around Lebanon / Syria: RC-135U Combat Sent + P8 Poseidon + others in vicinity (64-14847 + 169003)
Israeli army Spox Ronen Manelis in rare op-ed on Lebanese opposition website: "Lebanon is becoming one big missile factoryThe future of Lebanese citizens is in the hands of a dictator who sits in Tehran"
Sheikh Qassem: Hezbollah considers the vote law based on proportionality as a win regardless of the results of the elections
Lebanon authorities summoned comedian Hicham Haddad for "attacking" Saudi Crown Prince over a joke, mocking astrological predictions suggesting MBS should "eat less fast food" by saying instead "he should avoid rushed plans and fast arrest campaigns"
List of newly appointed ambassadors at @WhiteHouse today.
US Urges Lebanon to Distance 'Hezbollah' from Financial Sector
Lebanese media claims the country's judiciary issued an order to arrest Qais al-Khazali, the leader of Asaib Ahl al-Haq whose visit last year prompted criticism from Hariri, should he come back to Lebanon
US Special Operation Command C146A Wolfhound heading Syria from Wujah Al Hajar Air Base Lebanon
1 month ago
Nasrallah: Elections in Lebanon must be held on time
1 month ago
Nasrallah: I will soon talk in another day, solely on the political situation in Lebanon
1 month ago
Nasrallah: We cannot allow return of Israeli bombings/assassination to Lebanon
1 month ago
Nasrallah: Palestinian or Lebanese, it is still an attack on Lebanon
1 month ago
Nasrallah: We condemn movies by such people to be shown in Lebanon. If I am wrong correct me but should be revised/monitored
1 month ago
Nasrallah: For example, US director Steve Spielberg who backed Israel and sent them money for their 2006 aggression on Lebanon
1 month ago
Nasrallah: + black list which affects Arab countries dealings with certain companies/people. Lebanon and Syria abide and others should cont. to