20 June 2021
US Embassy in Lebanon issues a Security Warning to all its citizens residing in Lebanon : "Keep a low profile"
Lebanon: People gathered along side the highway connecting Beirut and Jounieh to bid farewell to the former Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Mar Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir who died Sunday morning at the age of 99.
U.S. State Department: The Iranian Revolutionary Guards arm militias in camps in Lebanon for proxy wars
Israeli warplanes are flying over South Lebanon on high altitudes
Multiple Israeli planes on the mission in Eastern Mediterranean for hours: G550 Nachshon Shavit 676, G550 Nachshon Shavit 679, G550 Nachshon Shavit 684, G550 Nachshon Aitam 569
Retired military officers close entrance to Central Bank of Lebanon in protest against the draft budget
The USN Boeing P-8A Poseidon reg: 169332 ICAO: AE5C5E Multimission Maritime Aircraft ASW/ASUW/EWSP/ESM in ISR mission along the E Mediterranean coasts from Gaza, Israel, Lebanon to Humeimim Russian AB Russia and Russian Russia Naval facility in Tartus
Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri hosts meeting between Wael Abu Faour and Ghazi al-Aridi (of @walidjoumblatt's Progressive Socialist Party), and Hezbollah's Hussein al-Khalil (Nasrallah's political aide), and Wafiq Safa.
Hariri: We want to be honest with the Lebanese in an economic crisis
Beirut stock exchange suspends trading until further notice-statement on website
2 year ago
Hamas representative in Lebanon: We are interested in arranging our papers inside the "resistance axis" and there are important steps taken
2 year ago
Hamas representative in Lebanon: If the Israel thinks of going to a full-scale war, the "resistance" will bring total war
2 year ago
Nasrallah: Resistance is committed to liberating the Shebaa farms and the hills of Kafrshuba
2 year ago
Sayyed Nasrallah: Israeli troops considering entering Lebanon will be destroyed
2 year ago
Nasrallah: Let's just focus on Israel's readiness to deploy ground forces. Israel is afraid to deploy forces into Gaza, and the Israeli troops, brigades, and divisions that will deployed into Lebanon will be destroyed, and this will be done on television screens.
2 year ago
Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah begins speech commemorating 3rd anniversary of military commander Mustafa Badreddine's death in Syria.
2 year ago
A second earthquake struck the Bekaa and the North with a magnitude of 3.7 Richter
2 year ago
Israeli army UAV over South Lebanon right now.
2 year ago
IAF Israeli Air Force jets over Lebanon right now.
2 year ago
Israeli army UAV over Beirut right now.
UN confirms 3rd Hezbollah tunnel at Lebanon-Israel frontier
The Al-Manar TV lens captures an Israeli submarine that was moving off the Lebanese sea line at Ras al-Naqoura during the presence of the Lebanese Minister of Defense @EliasBouSaab
A statement has been issued to residents of Metula in northern Israel that explosions will be heard in the coming hours originating from the Lebanon side of the border, these are controlled by the UN/UNIFIL.
Israeli UAV violated the southern airspace of Lebanon and flew in the atmosphere of the towns of Zahrani and Sidon.
A slight earthquake measuring 3.1 occurred on the border between Syria and Lebanon. Citizens in northern Israel reported that they felt the tremor.2 year ago
A slight earthquake measuring 3.1 occurred on the border between Syria and Lebanon. Citizens in northern Israel reported that they felt the tremor.
US counterterrorism coordinator: We do not differentiate between the political and military wing of Hezbollah and consider it a terrorist organization
US official: A number of Hezbollah leaders are involved in the drug trade in Latin America
US State Department counterterrorism coordinator: Iran is involved in terrorist acts and using them to maintain its regime.
Washington pledges to use all tools necessary to dismantle Hezbollah's funding networks
US announces it is offering up $10 million reward for information on 3 Hezbollah figures: Mohamed Bazzi, Adham Tabaja and Ali Charara
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