20 June 2021
Night demonstrations in the city of Jounieh, on the northern entrance to Beirut
Internal Security Forces in Lebanon: 52 members injured during clashes in Beirut today
Beirut: Security forces leave Riad al-Solh Square after the dispersing of demonstrators
Protesters vacate Beirut's Riadh al-Solh and Martyrs' Squares after being cleared out by Lebanese riot control forces. Protests ongoing in Al-Nour Square in Tripoli
Lebanese Red Cross: 64 people treated, 530 were transferred to hospitals in civilian cars and 17 foreigners were evacuated from a Tyre hotel to other hotels
Lebanese army: Two individuals arrested in Tripoli for firing at the protesters and causing injuries
Aoun with a delegation of the protesters
Riot police in Beirut attacked protestors with tear gas and sticks, beating people at random. Arbitrary arrests ongoing.
Arrests taking place in Beirut
1 year ago
Israeli army UAV over southern Lebanon
Protesters, security forces clash near Mohammad al-Amine Mosque
Beirut: Anti-riot police pushed everyone back to Martyr square
Still loads of people out. #LebanonProtests
Lebanese security forces say they are dealing with "riots" in downtown Beirut to preserve public and private property
Fire at the entrance to the State Council building in downtown Beirut
Tear gas in downtown Beirut right as demonstrators attack buildings
Clashes now at Riad El Solh
Demonstrators throw explosives at security forces who are using tear gas and water cannons to disperse them in Riad El Solh Square
Riyadh Al-Solh enveloped in clouds of tear gas. Lebanon
Security forces have deployed tear gas at protesters in Riad El Solh Square
Fierce clashes between the security forces and demonstrators near the Presidential Palace in Baabda
The demonstrators are trying to break the security cordon around the Baabda Palace
Clashes between demonstrators and security forces on Baabda road
Beirut: Intensive clashes between demonstrators and security forces in Riad El Solh Square
Protesters throw water bottles at Lebanese security forces
Lebanon's PM Saad Hariri @saadhariri says "I am giving our partners in the government, a very short deadline, 72 hours to give us a solution that can convince us & the people in the streets & our international partners"
MTV correspondent: Army surrounds Misbah Ahdab's house in Tripoli and sources say that one of his companions has been arrested
Hariri: Our responsibility is to find solutions to the problems of the Lebanese
Lebanese PM Hariri is now addressing the nation
Riad al-Solh is full. Hariri is about to speak
2 dead and 6 injured in shooting at al-Nour Square in the Lebanese city of Tripoli
Lebanon: One killed, 7 wounded when bodyguards of a former MP shot at protesters in Tripoli: reports
A building in central Beirut currently burning fiercely. Protestors forced back a fire truck arriving at the scene
Another fire truck turned back, this side from the Martyrs Square side
UAE warns citizens against travel to Lebanon until further notice
Protesters shot in Tripoli, northern Lebanon
Clashes between demonstrators and Lebanese security forces
Map of all roads closed on the Lebanese coast today (via TMA)
The Lebanese Minister of Communications denies the news about the possible disconnection of Internet service
Road to the Beirut airport being blocked by protesters
1 year ago
The road leading to the Nabatiyeh area in southern Lebanon was blocked
Beirut: There must be well over 10,000 people here and probably much more. There are calls to head to the presidential palace.
Lebanese Forces Party invites supporters to participate in demonstrations without party flags
The US Embassy asks its citizens in Lebanon to avoid crowds and demonstrations
Saad Hariri due to speak at 6 pm Beirut time
1 year ago
Lebanese Army urges protesters to open airport road due to humanitarian cases
The Embassy of Kuwait in Lebanon urges its citizens who want to travel to Beirut to stay away from the gathering areas
Beirut's Martyrs Square: Several thousand people. Chants of "Revolution". Smell of smoke from nearby fires
Southern Lebanon: Protesters continue their protests in Sidon since yesterday and raise the Lebanese flags
Road between Downtown and Basta blocked
Today's demo at Riad Solh square, downtown Beirut
The possibility of declaring the state of emergency in Lebanon is being discussed
1 year ago
The coastal road at the Abu-Aswad triangle between Saida and Tire was cut off
President Aoun meets with Bassil in Baabda
Security forces in Beirut assault @ALJADEEDNEWS crew during live coverage, prevent them filming in Riad al-Solh Square.
Protests in Jounieh and Ghazir areas north of Beirut
1 year ago
Protesters in Beirut cut off the road to the airport and the army is seeking to open a route
Road blocks in Ashrafieh, Beirut. Protestor only let cars through that are going to Geitawi hospital or the Greek orthodox hospital
Interior Minister: PM Hariri cancels today's Cabinet meeting
Lebanon Interior Minister Rayya al-Hassan saying government's resignation not currently on the table; "such a move will lead to negative repercussions, to chaos."
"Lebanon 24": riot police surrounded the demonstrators on Hamra Street heading to the Bank of Lebanon
Hariri is going to cancel the cabinet session and make an address to Lebanese people
Closing the entrance to the city of Tire
1 year ago
Ministerial sources to Al-Manar: Security measures to be taken in a bid to open Airport Road and avoid clashes with protesters
The northern entrance of Tire was cut off with burning tires and calls to move towards the central bank branch in the city.
People are distributing flowers at the Lebanese Army during the protests in Saida southern Lebanon
Lebanese government to hold urgent session at Baabda Presidential Palace at 2:00 p.m. on Friday
Lebanon: Protesters head towards government headquarters
Smoke over Beirut this morning
Fearing rush on banks, Lebanon PM Hariri orders full bank closure tomorrow in face of mass protests
Lebanese Finance Minister: The budget will not include new taxes or fees
Lebanese Politician Walid Jumblatt says he called Hariri and asked him to resign
Road Solh Square, thousands protesting against Lebanese government economic policies
A stampede between demonstrators and the Lebanese security forces in Riad Solh Square in the central Beirut
Protests in Beirut, Dahieh, Saida, Tripoli
The Lebanese President calls the Prime Minister and discusses with him the developments of the protests
"All down, we mean all" , "down with the regime" protests in Lebanon in front of the Serail
These must be the biggest national protests since the 2015 garbage crisis. People are in the streets from Tripoli to Tyre, from Baalbeck to Beirut in the thousands
Protesters cut off Byblos highway with burning tires1 year ago
Protesters cut off Byblos highway with burning tires
Citizens in Byblos block the road with burning tires1 year ago
Citizens in Byblos block the road with burning tires
Blocking the new road in Metn Lebanon
Citizens gather and block the road in the area of Furn El Chebbak
Chouccair to LBCI: Upon Hariri's request, I withdraw idea of imposing a fee on WhatsApp
Lebanon: protesters shut down parts of international Highway Beirut - Tripoli
Protest in Tyre/Sour
Lebanon: Shooting to disperse demonstrators and run over one of them in the capital Beirut to protest against the deterioration of living conditions
Young men and women demonstrating in Beirut against the increased taxes imposed by government mainly on Whatsapp calls
Minister of education Akram Chehayeb's convoy firing bullets at protesters in downtown Beirut. @DailyStarLeb
People started going down the streets in Beirut against the Lebanese government decisions to tax Whatsapp calls and increase TVA on everything
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