22 October 2021
Hours after his Defense Secretary says "most believe" that that the Beirut explosion "was an accident," President Trump appears to cast doubt on the plausibility of it being an accident, saying "how can you say accident"
President Trump on Beirut just now: "Perhaps it was an attack, I don't think anybody can say right now, we are looking into it very strongly, right you have some people who think it was an attack and some people that think it wasn't"
Trump: No one can say for sure whether the Beirut explosion was the result of an attack
White House Chief of Staff: Trump's statements about the Beirut explosion are consistent with intelligence reports that Trump obtained after the explosion
1 year ago
The British government announces that the Royal Navy ship Enterprise is heading to Lebanese waters to help prepare for the rebuilding of Beirut's port
The World Bank says it is "open to participating actively in a platform with Lebanon's partners in order to mobilize public & private financial support for reconstruction + reprogram existing resources and explore additional financing to support rebuilding lives."
Coronavirus testing stopped across Beirut following Tuesday's explosion, which struck as infections spike; much of capital in ruins, health care system under pressure of mounting wounded, Health Ministry unable to dispatch field testing teams to Beirut
The World Bank says it is ready to conduct a rapid assessment of the damage and needs of Lebanon in the wake of the Beirut port bombing
The World Bank says it is open to working with Lebanon's partners to mobilize public and private financial support for reconstruction
1 year ago
Britain offers $6.5 million worth of aid package to Lebanon
U.S. Defense Secretary on Beirut explosion: "Most believe it was an accident as reported," Esper says. "It could have been much worse."
Defense Secretary @EsperDoD on Lebanon explosion: "Still getting information on what happened. Most believe that it was an accident as reported and beyond that I have nothing further to report on that. It's obviously a tragedy"
More satellite images from today show widespread impact of the blast in the Port of Beirut (@Maxar)
Beirut Governor: "The damage caused by the port explosion is approximately $ 10-15 billion."
1 year ago
The Israeli army high alert on the northern border may change in the coming days as the Israeli army asses that Hezbollah is less likely to carry out their retaliation following the explosion in Beirut
1 year ago
Khamenei: We sympathize with the dear citizens of Lebanon and stand by them in the painful tragedy of the explosion in Beirut port, which killed and injured a large number of people and caused severe damage. Patience in the face of this tragedy will be a golden page in Lebanon's honor
The Lebanese Council of Ministers declares a state of emergency in Beirut for a period of two weeks
The wife of the Ambassador of the Netherlands is in a critical condition after she was injured in the Beirut explosion
The Lebanese Interior Minister refuses the participation of an international team to investigate the Beirut explosion
Lebanon: ISI satellite image from today reveals the severe damages caused by the explosion in Beirut port
Pompeo to the Lebanese Prime Minister: We are ready to provide any possible assistance
The Egyptian President directs to send two medical aid planes to Lebanon
The Lebanese Future Bloc: Beirut Port explosion amounts to the size of a destructive war, and there are serious doubts surrounding the explosion, its timing, conditions and location
French President Macron to visit Lebanon tomorrow
Two crew members of the "Mero Star" ship were seriously wounded in the explosion at Beirut Port
Miscode aircraft hex cod BA3CC4 454 kts FL290 eastbound over the Mediterranean. Currently tracking off the coast of Lebanon 501 kts at FL339
Lebanese PM Hassan Diab: The scale of the disaster is much bigger than the country's capabilities
First Qatar Emiri Air Force C-17 left to Lebanon carrying 2 field hospitals each of them capacity 500 beds + all related equipment1 year ago
First Qatar Emiri Air Force C-17 left to Lebanon carrying 2 field hospitals each of them capacity 500 beds + all related equipment
Beirut Governor: About 300,000 people have been displaced in the Lebanese capital after the port explosion
Beirut Governor: The damage resulting from the port explosion has affected about half of the Lebanese capital
Orient Queen cruise ship reportedly sunk following the Beirut_Explosion , killing two crewmembers
First images courtesy of @planetlabs shows the damage to Beirut Port, Lebanon
French Defense Minister says two military air transports are on their way to Lebanon with emergency personnel and 20 tons of material
Israeli army are monitoring the situation in Lebanon, and remain on high alert along the border
Destruction in downtown Beirut
Drone footage Ahmad Mahdi Photography of Beirut Port, Lebanon
LBCI: When Beirut Port explosion occurred, Lebanese Armed Forces, Civil Defense, Firefighters, Intelligence personnel were on site - no trace of them until now
Destruction of Beirut Port
Drone footage released this morning of Beruit Port shows the aftermath of the explosion and the crater created by it. The landslide of rubble from the grain silos leading into it
Al-Roum, Al-Wardieh, Geitaoui hospitals put out of service by Beirut Port explosion
Latest update from @RedCrossLebanon: more than 100 people have died and more than 4000 injured in #BeirutBlast
Civil defense says they are still counting bodies, and some have been thrown to the sea by the explosion #Beirut
Around 20 Bangladesh Navy sailors from the BNS Bijoy corvette injured in Beirut port blast. One in critical condition, five moderately wounded). The Castle-class corvette deployed in Lebanon to support the UNIFIL's MTF ("Maritime Task Force") was moderately damaged by the blast
Trump: We regret what happened in Lebanon and are ready to help
A Spox at the Ziv Medical Center in Safed, not far from the border with Lebanon, told CNN that they had been contacted by the Israel Defense Forces (Israeli army) and told to prepare for the possible arrival overnight of UN personnel wounded in the BeirutBlast
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said at least one Australian has been killed in the Beirut blast and the Australian Embassy building has been "significantly compromised"
A two-week state of emergency is declared in Beirut
Red Cross Secretary-General says Beirut hospitals are in a tough position and cannot take in any more wounded
Beirut: Doors were blown open and windows rattled at the U.S. Embassy, more than 6 miles away
Pompeo's statement on Beirut explosions, Lebanon.
The Lebanese Supreme Defense Council declares Beirut a disaster zone and recommends the Council of Ministers to declare a state of emergency in the capital
Lebanese PM: I will not rest until we find the person responsible for what happened to hold him accountable and impose the most severe penalties on him, because it is not acceptable that a shipment of "ammonium nitrate" estimated at 2750 tons has been present for 6 years in a warehouse without taking preventive measures
The Minister of Economy of Lebanon: We have wheat flour, we have wheat, we will import wheat, but the losses are great, and a lot of wheat destroyed in the port
During a live streamed holy mass in Beirut , the debris fell on the priest and the parishioners.
[email protected]_NEWS: Some German Embassy in Beirut staff wounded in Beirut Port explosion
UNIFIL: Due to the explosion that rocked Beirut Port today, one of our Maritime Task Force ships was damaged, leaving some naval peacekeepers injured. UNIFIL is assessing the situation & stands ready to provide assistance & support to the Lebanese Government
1 year ago
The US Central Command: Concerned about casualties in the Beirut explosion
Lebanon's presidential palace damaged in Beirut explosions
Jordan Earthquake Observatory: Beirut explosion equals the energy of an earthquake measuring 4.5 on the Richter scale
Beirut: The death toll rises to 50, and at least 2750 are injured
Lebanon PM says those responsible for the explosion in Beirut must pay the price
Lebanese health minister says at least 50 people were killed and 2,700 injured in the Beirut explosion
Utter chaos outside St George hospital which has no electricity- medics are treating patients in the car park where the drive through COVID19 tests were being done. It is the ER, since the ER is destroyed. Patients screaming in agony in the background. Beirut Lebanon
At least 25 people dead and more than 2,500 injured in Beirut explosion
Hospitals overwhelmed after Beirut explosion. In Geitawi, medical staff treating patients in a parking lot
Lebanese Red Cross director general says 2200 casualties due to Beirut Port explosion, expected to rise. Didn't specify dead vs. wounded
Lebanon Army Helicopter extinguishing the flames after explosion at Port of Beirut. Director General of the Lebanese Customs said that "Tonnes of confiscated nitrate" caused the explosion on this scale
2013 year: Sep 13: a vessel with 2,750 tons of Ammonium Nitrate entered the Beirut port. Oct 15: "the port authorities discharged the cargo onto the port's warehouses. The vessel and cargo remain to date in port awaiting auctioning and/or proper disposal."
France offers Lebanon 'assistance' after Beirut blasts
1 year ago
Gulf state Qatar will send field hospitals to Beirut to aid in the Lebanon explosion response, MTV reports
Syndicate of Hospital Owners: There are major damages in the Hospital in Ashrafieh, and it is evacuating patients, and we call on all hospitals to receive patients from there
[email protected] reporting "strange smell" spreading in area of Beirut Port explosion, Lebanese officials asking civilians to vacate area because they fear this might be dangerous chemical substance
Beirut port after explosion. Fully destroyed
1 year ago
Governor of Beirut: Half of Beirut's administrative district has been devastated
Explosion smoke clouds from the Beirut explosion just reached Damascus now.1 year ago
Explosion smoke clouds from the Beirut explosion just reached Damascus now.
President of the European Council: The European Union is ready to provide support and assistance to Lebanon
Kazakhstan embassy in Beirut: the ambassador was injured as a result of the explosion and parts of the embassy building were damaged
Lebanese Interior Minister: The highly explosive materials that cause the Beirut explosion are likely to be ammonium nitrate
The secretary general of the Lebanese Kataib Party died of injuries sustained in the explosion
White House @PressSec on Beirut explosion: "That was breaking as I came out, we're tracking it closely and rest assured, we're taking a very good look at that."
Shopkeepers in Mar Mkhayel are desperately trying to figure out how to lock up and protect their goods as all windows and doors are blown out. Sirens ringing out from disemboweled banks. Man just yelled as I went by, "You're still wearing a mask We have bigger problems."
Israeli senior official: Israel had nothing to do with the explosion
A devastating pic taken by @FaresHalabi showing the Mar Mkhayel neighborhood in Beirut after the explosion1 year ago
A devastating pic taken by @FaresHalabi showing the Mar Mkhayel neighborhood in Beirut after the explosion
Lebanon's internal security chief tells reporters the blast was in a port area with highly explosive material, not explosives
Lebanese PM's wife, daughter and consultants were slightly injured in Beirut explosions, per LBCI
Aftermath of the explosion - silos in the port have suffered massive damage Beirut
The director of the Lebanese Public Security confirms that there are deaths in the Beirut explosions
Pentagon spokesperson: We are watching the developments of the explosion in Beirut and it is too early to comment
Even the Beirut airport (around 10 km from the explosion) was damaged by the explosion1 year ago
Even the Beirut airport (around 10 km from the explosion) was damaged by the explosion
Beirut is considered as a disaster area and the scale of the damage is enormous - Governor
The Lebanese Red Cross pushes 30 teams of paramedics to treat the wounded in the capital, Beirut
30 Red cross teams deployed in downtown Beirut
These offices were 1.5km from the blast, and had a grain elevator as a buffer in between, and it still did this. Beirut off of the The Daily Star in the Merkaziah Plaza
Confirmed: Real-time network data show significant internet outage in Lebanon following reports of blast near Beirut impacting ability to contact eyewitnesses; circumstance and cause remain unclear; incident ongoing
[email protected]_NEWS says explosion impacted @Annahar newspaper building, leading to wounded
Based on the last AIS ping and angle, vessel's name near pear is METRO STAR. Both she and neighboring cargo vessel RAOUF H arrived from Ukraine
Areas in downtown Beirut destroyed
Al-Arabiya reporter: Hundreds of people were injured due to the Beirut explosion
Video of fireworks visible before main blast
The moment of the explosion that shook the center of Beirut, Lebanon
Video showing the size of the explosion in Beirut, Lebanon
A new video took of the massive explosion near Beirut's port
Dozens of wounded have been transferred to hospitals near the site of the explosion in Beirut
Beirut explosion very close up from a boat
Lebanese media: The accident was caused by a explosion blast at warehouse
Initial information that the explosion is in Warehouse No. 12 in the Beirut port, which resulted in burning due to the explosion of the firecrackers inside it.
Video of explosion in Beirut, Lebanon
Major damage in Beirut now
Another video @timourazhari took of the massive explosion near Beirut's port
Massive explosion in Beirut. Footage from the Daily Star office in Lebanon
Major damage in areas of Beirut after explosion1 year ago
Major damage in areas of Beirut after explosion
Enormous, deafening explosion just engulfed Beirut. Heard it from miles away. No idea what cause was. Lebanon
A large explosion has been reported in Beirut, Lebanon. Unknown what the cause is so far
حريق كبير في مرفأ بيروت ومعلومات عن سماع صوت دوي في المكان
Massive Explosion near Beirut's Port. Lebanon
Explosion at Beirut port
Video reportedly from Beirut port, fire, large smoke and possibly sounds of secondary explosions
Explosion reported in Beirut
Explosion reported in Beirut1 year ago
Explosion reported in Beirut
The Israeli army continue to move additional hardware to the northern border as tensions remain high with Hezbollah. Aerial activity is constant over the region with little or no breaks for the last 200 hours1 year ago
The Israeli army continue to move additional hardware to the northern border as tensions remain high with Hezbollah. Aerial activity is constant over the region with little or no breaks for the last 200 hours
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