24 October 2021
SOF unit went into Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Lebanese army expelled the demonstrators from inside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
#Beirut: The Army is attacking Foreign Ministry now, removing protesters
The number of demonstrators in central Beirut has decreased dramatically, amid large presence of the security forces and the Lebanese army
Association of Banks HQ ransacked by protesters in Beirut
Beirut: Another video showing army beating protesters and random passers-by
Reinforcement of the Lebanese Army arrive at the Ministry of Energy and ask those present to leave
The clashes in central Beirut, Lebanon
The Internal Security Forces fire tear gas canisters at demonstrators from inside the destroyed residential neighborhoods of Beirut
[email protected]: Lebanese Army viciously beating protesters at Beirut's ring road. Was trying to film it and got hit in the head. Am fine. They tried to take my phone. No chance
Beirut's ring: Army and protestors clashing. Army units beating demonstrators at random. #LebanonProtests
Lebanese army troops charged down from Tabaris toward Gemmayze intersection, hit across back by Army soldier wielding stick after identifying @AlbinSzakola as journalist, not hurt but humiliated
[email protected]_Majzoub: All of a sudden, Army started beating protesters viscously near ring. As I was filming, army beat me and threw my phone away. Army still beating other protesters
Additional Lebanese security forces arrived and controlled Martyrs Square in Beirut and dispersed the demonstrators towards Saifi district
Reporter Edmond Sassine injured while covering the clashes in downtown Beirut, Red Cross members provide him with necessary first aid
Protesters storm the Ministry of Energy
Ministry of Energy and Water has been stormed in Beirut
Lebanese Banking Association building set on fire
Beirut: Protesters storm the Banking Association building
Protesters fighting back against security forces in Beirut's Martyrs' Square
Diab: I will ask the Council of Ministers on Monday to declare early parliamentary elections
Lebanon PM Diab sets a two-month deadline for an agreement by the political parties
PM of Lebanon Diab is now making a speech: The explosion that struck the port was caused by corruption
The ministry of economy has been set on fire by protesters in Beirut's Martyrs square. People chanting 'revolution' video by @kamicut
Protestors have taken over the Lebanon economy ministry, throwing down a rain of documents and a picture of President Michel Aoun. A man shouts "focus on the bills man, tear up my bills."
Protesters stormed the ministries of economy and environment in downtown Beirut
Building goes on fire Beirut protest
One soldier shot dead by live bullets in downtown Beirut
A dozen protesters are the Foreign Affairs Ministry chanting "Hezbollah are militants" and "Nabih Berri" is a thug. An activist told that the army did not try to stop them when they stormed the building
Smoke from a building in downtown Beirut. Protests getting more violent. Word of some sort of rounds used
Reuters: Shots were heard at the scene of demonstrations in downtown Beirut, and police confirm that live bullets were fired
Protesters led by retired officers stormed the headquarters of the Foreign Ministry in Beirut tonight proclaiming it "headquarters of the Revolution"
Big rally in Beirut, and Foreign Ministry declared HQ for "Revolution"
Posters of President Aoun burning at the foreign ministry
Tear gas thrown at @RedCrossLebanon tents treating wounded
Protesters prevent the health corps affiliated with the Hezbollah, which is carrying wounded security forces, from entering a hospital in Beirut
Protesters stormed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beirut, and removed the image of the President of the Republic of Lebanon, Michel Aoun, from the main hall. They demanded that Beirut be a demilitarized city
#Beirut protests: 14 wounded taken to the hospital, 44 wounded being treated on the spot
Lebanese Minister of Interior Affairs: We are surprised that the demonstrators attacked the security forces in Beirut
Lebanese protesters gather in the Nejmeh and Al-Shuhada squares
Protestors are using the spades they used to help clear rubble to destroy a concrete barrier near Parliament.
A protester was shot in the eye by a rubber bullet in downtown Beirut. Lebanon
One more image which also features cutout of Nasrallah being hanged. LebanonProtests Beirut
US emergency support team 757 00-9001 just landed Beirut1 year ago
US emergency support team 757 00-9001 just landed Beirut
"The people demand the fall of the regime" #LebanonProtests
Downtown Beirut is already covered in a cloud of teargas and the protests started 1/2 an hour ago
Tear gas fired to disperse demonstrators in Beirut
Protesters try to storm the periphery of Parliament
Protesters has reached downtown Beirut
Tension in front of Parliament and stones thrown at security forces by some youths
Beirut demonstrations demand accountability for those responsible for the explosion
A convoy of 22 tankers from Iraq carrying around 800,000 liters of fuel to help the electricity sector arrives in Lebanon.1 year ago
A convoy of 22 tankers from Iraq carrying around 800,000 liters of fuel to help the electricity sector arrives in Lebanon.
Thousands of demonstrators from various Lebanese regions are flocking to downtown Beirut to participate in the protests
Massive crowd in Beirut's Martyrs' Square
Beirut - Security forces fire tear gas at protesters
In front of one of the entrances to Parliament, in downtown Beirut (images @joaosousa)
Reuters: Lebanese riot police fire tear gas to disperse demonstrators trying to reach the perimeter of the parliament building in downtown Beirut
Dutch ambassador's wife dies of wounds from Beirut blast: statement
People of Lebanon are desperate, today there is a massive protest scheduled . People prepared nooses for the politicians
People started to converge on Martyrs square in central Beirut - protest to demand revenge & justice for victims of port blast earlier this week; they want politicians executed
The governor of Beirut was expelled from the Mar Mikhael area1 year ago
The governor of Beirut was expelled from the Mar Mikhael area
Huge fire reported in Jnah, Beirut near the public hospital and Gas factory1 year ago
Huge fire reported in Jnah, Beirut near the public hospital and Gas factory
1 year ago
UK PM Johnson spoke with Lebanese president Aoun on Saturday
Lebanese Minister of Health: "60 people are still missing in Beirut, exploration continues."
Kazakhstan Air Force CASA C-295 M (UNIFIL) en route to Lebanon1 year ago
Kazakhstan Air Force CASA C-295 M (UNIFIL) en route to Lebanon
Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay and Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu went to Beirut, the capital of Lebanon1 year ago
Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay and Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu went to Beirut, the capital of Lebanon
1 year ago
[email protected]: I will be doing a news conference on the ChinaVirus, the just announced very good economic numbers, and the improving economy, at 7pm from Bedminster, New Jersey. Also, the subject of the Beirut, Lebanon catastrophe will be discussed
1 year ago
[email protected]: .At 3pm this afternoon, spoke to President Aoun of Lebanon to inform him that 3 large aircraft are on the way, loaded up with Medical Supplies, Food and Water. Also, First Responders, Technicians, Doctors, and Nurses on the way
1 year ago
[email protected]: .We will be having a conference call on Sunday with President Macron, leaders of Lebanon, and leaders from various other parts of the world. Everyone wants to help
1 year ago
[email protected]: Had a lengthy discussion this morning with President Macron of France concerning numerous subjects, but in particular the catastrophic event which took place in Beirut, Lebanon
Demonstrators try to enter the vicinity of the Lebanese Parliament in downtown Beirut
The American President assures his Lebanese counterpart that he will participate in the Paris Conference called by the French President to support Lebanon
The Cassation Public Prosecutor in Beirut issues a decision to arrest the former Director General of Customs, Shafiq Merhi
The Lebanese Attorney General announces the arrest of the Director General of the Customs Department as part of the investigations into the Beirut Port Blast
White House says President Trump spoke with French President Emmanuel Macron earlier today. Both leaders "expressed their deep sadness over the loss of life and devastation in Beirut." Trump and Macron "also discussed the importance of extending the UN arms embargo on Iran."
1 year ago
Lebanon's Hezbollah 'categorically denies' storing arms at blast site - @AFP "In any case, the probe will show the truth," said party chief Hassan Nasrallah
1 year ago
Nasrallah: Hezbollah knows more about the port of Haifa than the port of Beirut
Lebanese president Aoun rejects calls for international probe into blast
1 year ago
Nasrallah: I wanted to discuss the tensions between Hezbollah and Israeli enemy, @STLebanon, COVID19, Lebanon's fuel shortage. But when disaster happened on Tuesday, I decided to delay my talk, and I won't talk about those issues - I'm only talking about Beirut Port Blast
False alarm this morning in the Galilee - because of an Israeli army UAV identified as Lebanese(Photo: amar assadi)1 year ago
False alarm this morning in the Galilee - because of an Israeli army UAV identified as Lebanese(Photo: amar assadi)
Protesters near QasQas area are burning tires, near Al Khashokgi mosque
The Lebanese Army have banned all Civil Defense other than the Lebanese Red Cross to be near the Beirut Port to assist in the Search and Rescue operation currently on going. It was announced earlier today that Hezbollah's Civil Defense were banned from entering the area
United States pledges $15 million in emergency aid to Lebanon: U.S. ambassador
1 year ago
The downing of the drone overnight in the area of Mount Hermon is unrelated to the false Red Alert in the western Galilee area this morning
Lebanon's president Aoun says blast probe looking at whether cause is negligence, accident - or possible external interference
IDF: Last night, Israeli army troops identified, monitored, & downed a drone which infiltrated into northern Israel along the Blue Line. We are searching the area. The Israeli army continues to maintain a high level of readiness to defend Israel's northern border from any threat
Lebanese health minister: death toll from Beirut explosion rises to 154
The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights describes the situation in Beirut as very bad
Lebanese reports one of the guards of the Hamas official Osama Hamdan was wounded in an IED attack in his car in Sidon, Lebanon
Explosions heard in Quneitra are detonation of mines
The drone at the northern border with Lebanon
Flights of aircrafts at Israeli-Lebanon border1 year ago
Flights of aircrafts at Israeli-Lebanon border
Syrian media report explosions heard in Quneitra, unclear cause currently
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