Map. History of Lebanon conflict

21 September 2018
USAF RC-135V Rivet Joint FIXX21 off the coast of Lebanon4 month ago
USAF RC-135V Rivet Joint FIXX21 off the coast of Lebanon
Lieberman in response to the results of parliamentary elections in Lebanon: Hezbollah has completed control of the country
Debris from what may be an anti-aircraft missile found this morning in Lebanon
The Lebanese army announced that four Israeli aircrafts violated the Lebanese airspace
Sirens in the Israeli settlements near the border with the towns of Kafr Kila and El Adeisah in southern Lebanon
Israeli airforce jets above Bint Jbiel
Israeli jets reportedly carrying out heavy overflights over Lebanon's southern coast.
Aoun calls all parties to gather in parliament and work together to build a nation
Man shot dead in PSP-LDP post-election clashes in Choueifat Lebanon
Hezbollah/Amal supporters also seen here riding motorcycles, firing shots in Beirut last night Lebanon
Lebanese Interior Minister @NohadMachnouk announces names of new MPs after Sunday's election - Stand by for update on all 128 names as we have them (Akkar is still being counted):
Hezbollah leader Nasrallah says there is a new political victory for its resistance bloc after the elections in Lebanon
Nasrallah: The elections are a major national achievement for the country and for the new presidential tenure
Israeli Army announces drill in the north, including explosions and flares
Official in Baalbek/Al-Hermel denies Hezbollah attempting to commit voter fraud in the area.
Najib Mikati declares tentative victory in Tripoli
PM @SaadHariri said the intl community should look at results of Lebanese election in a "very positive way" Lebanon is under pressure to prove to intl donors and investors, who pledged more $11 billion+ to Beirut last month, that it has a credible plan to reform its economy.
Lebanon PM Hariri says party loses third of parliament seats
There are very serious allegations of election fraud
A C-130J transport has been allocated directly by PM Al Abadi to fly to Beirut to pick up Sheikh Al Khaqani's body and return him to Najaf in the afternoon (local time).
Lebanon's interior minister @NohadMachnouk announced last night Voter turnout 49,2 %. Preliminary Results, per seats: 13 Hezbollah, 16 Amal Movement, Berri's @harakatamal 4 Marada, @sleimanfrangieh 27 Free Patriotic Movement Bloc +alliances, @General_Aoun + around 60
Lebanese Speaker Nabih Berri: Sunday's elections were a sign that the Lebanese want real reform
Hezbollah leader Nasrallah will make a speech this afternoon, after the gains in the elections in Lebanon
Lebanon: interior minister Nohad Mashnouk explained last night at around 12:00 AM BEY time that the official results are few hours away. Its almost 11:00 AM and nothing is out yet with many observers pointing out the possibility of legal violations to the electoral law
"Bye bye Hariri", Hezbollah supporters celebrate their Lebanon parliamentary victory over PM @saadhariri in Beirut, try to take down his banner
Unofficial results of Lebanon's parliamentary elections
Israeli minister says "Lebanon equals Hezbollah" after election
Scuffles erupted between supporters of the Future Movement and those of Hezbollah and Amal overnight in Beirut
Polls have opened in Lebanon for first parliamentary elections in almost a decade. Voting closes at 7pm local time.
Polling stations open for Lebanon's first parliamentary election since 2009
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