30 November 2023
The start of the fifth session of the Lebanese Parliament to elect a President of the Republic
The Lebanese Ministry of Health announces the registration of 10 new cases of cholera
WHO: Lebanon is vulnerable to cholera, and this is being aggravated by the prolonged economic situation and scarce access to clean water and proper sanitation services across the country; health care system iis already strained due to the current economic and social crises,
Army Commander: The security situation is under control, and the protection of Lebanon is our responsibility, and we will not allow the situation to be exploited
1 year ago
Khamenei: They failed in Lebanon. This new contract between Lebanon and the usurping Zionist government over maritime borders, gas fields, etc. was a defeat for the US. Because the US said it should happen the way they wanted. But Hezbollah overturned all those plots
Electricité du Liban raises electricity prices for the first time since the 1990s
Lebanese President: We concluded the maritime border agreement so that no war would break out
The Israeli government: The Prime Minister will sign tomorrow the border demarcation agreement with Lebanon
Deputy Prime Minister of Lebanon: The government is unable to save all depositors
Israel Defense Forces:Israeli army soldiers thwarted a drug and weapon smuggling attempt from Lebanese territory into Israel overnight. A suspect was apprehended and two handguns and 30kg of drugs were confiscated. We will continue to operate against any attempts to breach Israeli sovereignty
1 year ago
The Israeli army announces that it has thwarted an attempt to smuggle weapons and drugs from Lebanon
Scenes of lighting bombs fired by Israeli army at the Lebanese-Israeli border in the north
Light bombs were fired this evening by the Israeli army near the Lebanese border in the Upper Galilee. This is not a security incident
Israel top court rejects petitions against the maritime agreement with Lebanon
Lebanese Minister of Health: The cholera epidemic has spread from Syria to Lebanon in the absence of basic services from refugee camps
The Lebanese Minister of Health: There is an increase in cholera cases, and deaths have been recorded
The Lebanese President announces Lebanon's approval of the final version of the maritime border demarcation agreement between Lebanon and Israel
Israel PM says the agreement with Lebanon diminishes the chances of war with Hezbollah
Al-Kazemi meets with the commander of the Lebanese army to discuss vehicles to support the military institution to improve its performance and ways to enhance joint cooperation between the two countries
The Israeli government plenary approved the principles of the maritime border agreement with Lebanon and its tabling in the Knesset for a 14 day review and a discussion in the foreign relations & security committee. After 14 days the government will vote again
Lebanese President Michel Aoun says Syrian refugees will start being returned in successive groups to Syria at the end of next week - statement
Full maritime border agreement between Israel and Lebanon published
US Prez. Joe Biden held phone call with Lebanon's Michel Aoun following historic Maritime Deal between LB & Israel brokered by US today. Source: Lebanese Presidency
1 year ago
Reuters, citing Lebanese officials: Hezbollah has agreed to the maritime border demarcation agreement with Israel
Israeli Prime Minister Lapid announced Israel accepts the U.S. proposal for a maritime border agreement with Lebanon. The Israeli security cabinet and the full government will convene tomorrow to approve it
Lapid: The maritime border demarcation agreement with Lebanon meets Israel's economic and political demands
Israel PM Lapid says Israel and Lebanon have reached an historic deal on their maritime border
Lebanese Energy Minister Walid Fayyad says TotalEnergies will begin process of exploring for gas in Lebanese waters as soon as deal on maritime border with Israel is concluded. Comments come after meeting with senior Total delegation
Israeli energy minister tells @GLZRadio all of Israel's demands met in Lebanon gas deal after Beirut caves in; national security adviser says "we're on the way to a historic agreement," @kann_news reports
Senior Israeli official tells: "Israel still wants to get an agreement on the maritime border with Lebanon, appreciates the work of the U.S. mediator Amos Hochstein and is confident he can negotiate the remaining differences"