30 November 2023
1 year ago
Hezbollah SG Nasrallah said yesterday the group has been producing drones in Lebanon and has the ability to turn thousands of rockets into precision missiles. He called on "whoever wants to buy them to submit an order"
1 year ago
Hezbollah leader Nasrallah says group has begun producing drones in Lebanon
A Sudanese man who crossed the border from Lebanon into northern Israel, was arrested by head of Shtula's security team. He is being questioned by Israeli army soldiers at the scene
1 year ago
Nasrallah: Israel would need a war and not a military strike in order to destroy Hizbullah's precision-guided
1 year ago
Nasrallah, asked if Israeli strike on Iran would result in regional war with Resistance Axis: If Israel strikes Iran, Iran will definitely retaliate decisively. After such an Iranian attack, each faction of Resistance Axis will have to decide if joining fight is appropriate
1 year ago
Nasrallah: Israeli defense officials not certain a strike on Iran's nuclear program will be effective. Additionally, Israelis worried about Iran's response. Iran won't rely on allies if Israel strikes, it will retaliate, and its retaliation will be hard and exacting
1 year ago
Nasrallah:Iran is a regional and global power now, and with its current power it can neither be ignored nor fought easily
Israel Defense Minister says Lebanon army was offered with help amid the economic crisis, which makes Hezbollah stronger. Gantz says 5,000 soldiers left Lebanon army over the crisis
1 year ago
SANA Military source: At approximately 3:05 am today, Israel carried out an air attack with bursts of missiles from the direction of Rayak, east of Beirut, targeting some points in the vicinity of Damascus. Our air defense media confronted the missiles and shot down some of them, other led to some material losses.
Israeli Energy Minister: We are ready to continue the maritime border talks with Lebanon
Power goes out at the Lebanese Energy Ministry moments before Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan sign electricity deal
Lebanon's S. Hariri suspending role in politics
Michel Aoun: There is a firm desire to preserve the best relations between Lebanon and the Arab countries
US sanctions Lebanon-based Hezbollah financial facilitator, his company, business connections Adnan Ayad, his partners "have helped Hezbollah obtain funds thru networks of companies that operate under the guise of legitimate business enterprises" per @USTreasury
1 year ago
Initial reports: One rocket/ mortar shell fired from southern Lebanon towards northern Israel
1 year ago
A Lebanese radio station claims a rocket was launched from south of Tyre toward Israel. A spokesperson for the military says it is looking into the reports
.@StateDept on designations of Hezbollah linked financiers. Lebanon-based travel company
Today, @USTreasury designated three Hezbollah-linked financial facilitators and their Lebanon-based travel company
On January 18, 2022, the concerned army units resumed the process of distributing compensation to the citizens affected by the explosion of the Port of Beirut, and an amount of 2,803,100,000 Lebanese pounds was distributed
Families of the Beirut port blast victims are blocking the road outside the Justice Palace in Beirut (video via @salmanonline)
The Internet began to die today in Lebanon, the latest symptom of collapse. The state news agency NNA is out & Radio Lebanon is off-air because the Information Ministry has no fuel for its generators. Many areas have gone dark
State Dept.: Media reports that the United States has brokered an energy deal between Israel and Lebanon are false
Lebanese Energy denies Israeli reports on Tel Aviv supplying Lebanon with gas
Confirmed: Internet has been disconnected across parts of Beirut, Lebanon amid diesel shortages. Hours earlier, CEO of national telco Ogero stated that communications "will stop working as our last liter of diesel runs out"
Ogero chief Imad Kreidieh warns that telecom's communications in Beirut third district will be cut off on Sunday morning as its central in Mazraa will shutdown after running out of diesel to generate power
1 year ago
Israel's @N12News is reporting that the country will transfer natural gas to Lebanon via Jordan and Syria "in an attempt to cut off Iran"
Lebanon: 3 month Govt deadlock ends - Shia political parties Amal and Hizbullah say they will agree to attend cabinet session to approve the 2022 state budget / they were demanding Judge Bitar who heads port blast probe is removed; that didn't happen but Bitar's hands are tied
Banque du Liban injected at least $30 million in the market today in a bid to strengthen the Lebanese lira's market value, the bank's Sayrafa report shows
The Israeli army Arabic-language spokesperson releases footage of alleged Hezbollah operatives failing to launch a drone over Israel's border with Lebanon1 year ago
The Israeli army Arabic-language spokesperson releases footage of alleged Hezbollah operatives failing to launch a drone over Israel's border with Lebanon
1 year ago
Lebanese media: The explosion in southern Lebanon yesterday occurred in an area that includes a military center for Hezbollah