Map. History of Lebanon conflict

21 September 2018
Israel's Defense Minister has accused Hamas of trying to strengthen its presence in South Lebanon in order to launch attacks against Israel
Researchers say a major hacking operation tied to Lebanon's main intelligence agency has been revealed after careless spies left hundreds of gigabytes of stolen data exposed to the open internet.
Lebanon military court sentences in absentia journalist/analyst @haningdr 6 months in prison for comments criticizing the army in 2014
Lebanon reverses ban on Spielberg's film 'ThePost'
Lebanon bans 'The Post' over Spielberg's support for Israel
President Aoun says cabinet contributed to maintaining stability
Saudi Foreign Minister: Iran is a major threat cause its role in Lebanon, Yemen and Syria
SAA General Command: Attack by Israelis was at 2:40 AM from Lebanese Airspace, SAA says an Israeli jet was damaged while anti-air systems responded to aggression
Map of Iran with diplomatic and economic data
Arrest warrant issued for Lebanese journalist who tweeted that Israel should assassinate Hezbollah's leader Hassan Nasrallah
8 month ago
Nasrallah says during Bush admin a Lebanese-American gave them a letter allegedly from the VP Dick Cheney saying US will remove Hezbollah off terror list, recognize them internationally + $2 billion under 3 conditions
8 month ago
Nasrallah: We have proof of US support of ISIS from Lebanon. When Lebanon decided to launch Arsal battle against ISIS, Americans and @usembassybeirut pressured Lebanon to halt the operation, at least until next year, and then they cut military aid.
8 month ago
Hezbollah leader Nasrallah says Iran Protests would not have any impact on the funding of his movement
8 month ago
Nasrallah: Beyond that, most Iranians understand this as national security matter, that if Iran doesn't act abroad, war would be inside Iran. So, Iran's foreign intervention is not something imposed by government, but something the people wants. Those who don't are a tiny minority.
Nasrallah: Regarding protesters chanting the slogan, "Not Gaza, not Lebanon - my life for Iran," - this slogan doesn't have much popular support. We've heard it before, but most Iranian people support government's foreign policy of acting in Syria, Iraq, for Palestine, and Lebanon
Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon Walid al-Yaacoub to present credentials to President @LBpresidency @General_Aoun ending a diplomatic tussle over presentation with both countries delaying accreditation of each other's diplomat prior to Hariri saga @KSAembassyLB
Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon Walid al-Yaacoub to present credentials to President @LBpresidency @General_Aoun ending a diplomatic tussle over presentation with both countries delaying accreditation of each other's diplomat prior to Hariri saga  @KSAembassyLB
People chanting "Tehran, and not Gaza and not Lebanon, but my Iran"
People chanting Tehran, and not Gaza and not Lebanon, but my Iran
8 month ago
Lebanese and Palestinian movements, Hezbollah and Hamas are setting up a joint body to stand up to Trump's decision on Jerusalem, an informed source says. Security source told @DailyStarLeb that joint "coordination room"would operate on political, military and security levels
Military commander of Liwa Al-Baqir (IRGC network of Syrian militia) on the Israeli-Lebanese border: "In the coming war our legions will be by your side but instead of looking we will bomb and storm the barracks of the Zionist enemy."
[email protected]'s Lisa Abou Khaled told @AFP numbers are dropping because people are dying, returning to Syria, or being resettled to third countries. "Several thousand" returned to Syria in 2017, she says, but no specific numbers.
300 Syrian refugees evicted from an encampment in al-Dalhamieh (Bekaa region, E Lebanon) last night, despite stormy weather. Eye witnesses, aid workers said many slept outside. Local NGO SAWA reports injuries to elderly and children due to unsafe conditions.
Lebanon: The Lebanese Army: Arrested a number of Syrians for belonging to the Nusra Front in the Shabaa area
Lebanon: A huge fire broke out in the town of Al-Marj al-Beqaa al-Gharbi inside a Syrian refugee camp. Five children were killed so far.
Census finds 174,422 Palestinian refugees in Lebanon
Israeli forces violate Lebanon's withdrawal line in Meiss Al-Jabal, carry out surveillance mission there: Al-Manar correspondent
Man shoots dead mother in law, injures wife in Akkar
Lebanese president @General_Aoun claims Israel's planned security wall along Blue Line doesn't follow international border between Lebanon and Israel; Lebanon adheres to UNSC Res 1701, while Israel doesn't.
The French official stressed his country's unwavering support for Lebanon
Lebanon's NNA agency reporting that the suspect, Tarek H, has admitted to the crime and had picked Dykes up in his taxi in Beirut's Gemmayzeh district on Friday evening before assaulting and killing her.
Lebanese police sources have confirmed a Lebanese national has been arrested in connection with the murder of British embassy employee Rebecca Dykes
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