29 September 2021
Confrontations return to the streets of Al-Nour Square in Tripoli, and the army fires tear gas canisters to disperse the protesters
226 civilians and military personnel were wounded in the Tripoli clashes
The Lebanese Red Cross: The wounded in the Tripoli clashes rose to 102
Demonstrators throw stones and burning tires at army personnel in Tripoli
Tires lit in front of the Government building in Riad El Solh
Video of the moment Lebanon security forces open fire on rioters in northern Tripoli, Lebanon
Lebanese Security Forces: 9 of our soldiers were wounded after being thrown a grenade in Tripoli, in the north of the country
Another day of protests in Tripoli, Lebanon, due to the poor economic situation caused, inter alia, by restrictions. Today it is bloody - shots were fired, a grenade exploded. A total of about 50 injured in the clashes
The Lebanese army is preparing to enter the vicinity of Al-Nour Square in Tripoli
The bombs that were fired at the officers are military grenades and not sound or Molotov cocktails, which led to the injury of 9 soldiers, including 3 officers, one of whom was critically wounded
Ambulances transport a number of wounded from Al-Nour Square in Tripoli
Situation in Tripoli Lebanon deteriorating quickly. Protests that began 2 days ago against lockdown measures and 24 hour curfews to curb the spread of coronavirus have disintegrated into gun fights
Live ammunition injuries during the clashes in Tripoli
Again Heavy Live Gunfire from ISF members against the protesters in Tripoli Lebanon
Members of the security forces are advancing towards the demonstrators in Tripoli to disperse them and launch more tear gas bombs in the meantime
Lebanon Red Cross: 52 injured in clashes between protesters and security forces in Tripoli
Former Israeli army Chief of staff Gadi Eisenkot remarks about Hezbollah capabilities and the extensive damage a conflict would cause on the civilian population
The Red Cross: Six teams respond and work to transport the wounded and aid the injured from the Al-Nour Square demonstration in Tripoli
Protesters started to converge on Tripoli's main square - people say they can't cope with coronavirus lockdown without economic support from the Govt Lebanon - there have been two nights of violence
8 month ago
Al-Arabiya claims: "Israel deploys military reinforcements in the Golan heights"
Ongoing confrontations between small groups of protesters and the Army in back neighborhoods of Tripoli, protesters throwing rocks and soldiers responding with tear gas and rubber bullets
Clashes between police and rioters in Tripoli, Lebanon
Lebanese Red Cross: 6 people were injured in Al-Nour Square protests in Tripoli
The Lebanese army is clearing Al-Nour Square of the protesters and closing its entrances
Protesters block the road at Elia Junction in Sidon with burning tires
The next war with Lebanon is going to be extremely bloody, Kochavi says "the Israeli army making great efforts to increase its bank of targets, the rate of which has increased significantly"
Israel: In the next war, thousands of rockets will fall on us, but we will respond in a large way
Israeli army Chief of Staff: "I warn the citizens of Lebanon: as soon as the war begins, leave the places laden with missiles & rockets. The missile & rocket spaces will be flooded with Israeli army attacks. Anyone who does not leave knows today that he lives in a field of missiles & rockets"
Israeli army Chief of Staff: Attacking a launcher in Lebanon will prevent harm to dozens of our citizens. It is our duty to attack all launchers and all missiles." "It is my duty to remind the citizens of Israel: on a day of war, a great many missiles will fall here"
Young men set fire to tires in Al-Nour Square - Tripoli, to protest the living conditions
Lebanese people demonstrate in protest against the extension of the closure and the economic situation
8 month ago
Ongoing Israeli army artillery excercise/ drill in occupied Golan Heights, northern Israel. Drill expected to end at 1300 hrs today and resume from 1700 hrs until 2000 hrs tonight
8 month ago
Hezbollah's Al-Manar TV continues to report "intense overflights" by Israeli aircraft across the south, the mountains, the Lebanese capital Beirut, and its suburbs
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