Map. History of Lebanon conflict

26 September 2018
Aarsal: Families have crammed years' worth of possessions into the back of their trucks; others are just leaving on their tractors. Many say they are returning to Syria not because the time is right, but because life in Lebanon has become unliveable.
Washington Post Middle East Correspondent Louisa Loveluck: We're in the Lebanese town of Arsal, covering the voyage of 600+ Syrian refugees back across border to Syria. Scenes of joy but also grief. The decision to return has divided families - a daughter leaves, a mother stays - and future for those who leave remains deeply uncertain.
Lebanese Minister of Information Melhem Riachy (Lebanese Forces) met with president @General_Aoun to discuss cabinet formation. Riachy would only say that his meeting with Aoun was "very positive."
Lebanon says UNHCR residence visas depend on Syria refugee plan
Gen Dunford met with his Lebanese counterpart today in the Pentagon.
Saudi-led coalition says killed 8 Lebanese Hezbollah members in Yemen
Israelis fire Patriot missile at drone over Golan Heights which entered airspace of Safad
Merkel: We want to contribute to a political solution in Syria that allows the return of refugees
Lebanese Army discover and dismantle Israeli spying device in hills of Kafr Shobah in southern Lebanon
Merkel tells Lebanon's Hariri on Migration: Germany's role is to be a "reliable partner in financing projects". Drive to keep Refugees near country of origin as German chancellor faces political upheaval for what became known as "open arms refugee policy"
Ad hoc informal EU Migration summit coming Sunday "is no more and no less than a consultation and working meeting" Merkel says at press conference with Hariri in Lebanon
Lebanese PM Saad Hariri selfies in Moscow at WorldCup3 month ago
Lebanese PM Saad Hariri selfies in Moscow at #WorldCup
German envoy denies any plan to settle Syrian refugees in Lebanon
3 month ago
Lebanese PM Saad Hariri meets with Russian president Putin in Moscow
Lebanon foreign minister escalates refugee row with U.N. agency
Arsal mayor: if Syria refugees want to return home we will help them but if they dont want to leave they continue to be welcome here
3 month ago
Hariri in Moscow today to meet with Putin; will Saudi-Russia WorldCup opener tomorrow
U.S. Embassy Beirut:Finally, all six A-29 Super Tucano are in Lebanon.
Maj Gen Qassemi Soleimani, head of Quds Force of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps IRGC described Lebanon's recent elections as a referendum, saying the votes were held in a situation where Hezbollah was being accused of interfering in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and the region.
PM designate Saad Hariri says every party should make "sacrifices" for the formation of the new Cabinet
Hezbollah leader Nasrallah says his fighters will only leave Syria if its leadership requests it
Lebanon freezes UNHCR residency applications: foreign minister
Far-right NGO linked to Identitarian movement - members of which are currently being prosecuted in Austria, while others have been banned from entering the UK - is "working" with Syrian refugees in Lebanon to discourage fleeing to Europe.
Lebanon parliament speaker Berri, who is an ally of Hizbullah says the armed group will withdraw from Syria once the "country is captured and unified"
SAA 11th Division begin its deployment along the Syrian-Lebanese border in place of Hezbollah who withdraw from the northern parts of the border during the last two days
Lebanon gen security chief says contacted Syria to return thousands of refugees to their homes: Al Jazeera
Hezbollah: If Israel starts a war in Gaza, we will fire rockets from Lebanon and Syria to Tel Aviv.
Without France, Lebanon would probably be at war, Macron says
PM Hariri says everyone has the right to make demands
Report citing Lebanese + Russian media outlets says 2 Israeli Air Force F-16 planes were challenged by Russian Sukhoi Su-34 jets over Tripoli, Lebanon, early on Monday and forced away. "There's been no official confirmation from Russia or Israel".
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