Map. History of Lebanon conflict

23 February 2018


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Armed opposition factions in Ghouta: The governments of Iraq and Lebanon bear responsibility for the actions of militias from both countries
Suspects in the murder of overseas foreign worker Joanna Demafelis in custody of Lebanese authorities, according to Philippines Department of Foreign Affairs
President Aoun says Israeli threats won't impact oil exploration: local daily
Lebanese PM sends letters to Iraqi PM and Iraqi religious leader Sistani requesting they stop visits of Iraqi PMU (Hashd) leaders to Lebanon.
Lebanese president General Michel Aoun is on a visit to Armenia. His first stops were Echmiadzin and the Armenian Genocide memorial.
Commander General Joseph Aoun stressed to Assistant Secretary of State David Satterfield and Ambassador Elizabeth Richard that "the Lebanese Army is committed to ensure Lebanon has full sovereignty over its territory, its maritime territory and the bound economy in it."
U.S. envoy visits Beirut, mediating in Lebanon-Israel dispute
Lebanon arrests former IS financial official: source
Paris IV donor conference to support Lebanon's economy to take place on April 6 in Paris - Lebanese government source
Lebanon prepared to confront 'Israeli aggression' at any cost, says army chief
Lebanon cannot ask for donor funding without passing 2018 budget -minister
Finnish Commander of UNIFIL in Lebanon acknowledged that his 10,500 forces, including 585 Lebanese have been infiltrated by Hezbollah. Also said that Indonesia-n contingent provide info to various Lebanese actors on Israel movements
PM Hariri says electricity crisis should not continue
Hezbollah-linked media threatens to attack Israeli gas fields
Showing a map, Netanyahu says Iran is trying to take over large swathes of the middle east, including setting up naval bases in the Mediterranean. "Can you imagine Iranian submarines next to the US Sixth Fleet? Next to the port of Haifa?"
Naharnet reports that @StateDept official David Satterfield, with US Amb to Lebanon, held separate meetings Friday with Lebanon's FM Jebran Bassal, Speaker Nabih Berri, PM Saad Hariri; Satterfield heads to Israel to discuss maritime gas fields +Israeli Wall.
U.S. charges three with exporting drone parts to Lebanon's Hezbollah
1 week ago
Nasrallah: Onto upcoming Lebanon elections
1 week ago
Nasrallah: Iran for Lebanon is an ally and friend. They are willing to aid in anything.
1 week ago
Nasrallah: Where is Iran's intervening in Lebanon? How is our decisions helping Iran more than Lebanon?
1 week ago
Nasrallah: US will give Israel 3 billion while Lebanon receives 40 million. We will never receive anything special or proper defences
1 week ago
Nasrallah: On economic and territorial integrity issues regarding Lebanon, it must be answered in the correct manner
1 week ago
Nasrallah: When the US comes to Lebanon they are here to threaten
1 week ago
Nasrallah: It is on today's leaders of Lebanon to take responsibility on this historical issue
1 week ago
Nasrallah: Lebanon should not let the devils to come between the Lebanese, I am talking about US
1 week ago
Nasrallah: current situation in region to secure these areas bordering Lebanon as well as Golan and Mt Hermon
1 week ago
Nasrallah: In regards to Lebanon's land and sea border. It is not just economic border, it goes beyond gas and oil
1 week ago
Lebanon speaker: U.S. proposal on Lebanon-Israel disputed waters 'unacceptable' - NNA
1 week ago
Mayadin: Syrian SAMs fired last Saturday (which resulted in downing an F16) passed over Tel Aviv and Haifa before falling in the Mediterranean sea
Sec. Tillerson: This trip is an important opportunity to reaffirm the strong bonds between our countries. U.S. stands firmly with the Lebanese people and Lebanon's legitimate state institutions as Lebanon faces formidable challenges and threats in the region.