Map. History of Lebanon conflict

10 December 2018
Hezbollah media published a map on areas where Israeli army is looking for Hezbollah tunnels on Israeli-Lebanon border1 hour ago
Hezbollah media published a map on areas where Israeli army is looking for Hezbollah tunnels on Israeli-Lebanon border
Internal Security Forces raided @Daraj_media's working space today after a legal complaint over 1 of their articles, according to co-founders @dianamoukalled and Hazem al-Amine. The latter was interrogated for 2 hours.
Hezbollah media publishes images of IDF activity against tunnels on the Lebanon-Israel border
9 hour ago
Hezbollah issues a statement praising the shooting attack in Ofra last night that wounded seven Israelis, including a pregnant woman. Says the attack is a message to "settlers" that they are not safe in Palestine.
Lebanese Interior Minister: Security forces foiled terrorist attacks that would target places of worship and military forces
Lebanese interior minister said police intelligence thwarted a plot to smuggle explosives to Lebanon
[email protected]: LAF has increased patrols on southern border in light of latest developments, taking all necessary measures in coordination/cooperation with @UNIFIL_ to monitor security situation on Blue Line. LAF is at the ready to confront any emergency.
Lebanese Army Reinforces Deployment on Southern Border1 day ago
Lebanese Army Reinforces Deployment on Southern Border
1 day ago
Hezbollah deputy leader: Israel is deterred by the Islamic resistance in Lebanon
Israeli army Arabic Spox: Israeli army troops operating near border with Lebanon identified 3 troops who appeared to be members of Hezbollah attempting to come near to area where Israeli troops are operating.
Israel army fires towards suspected Hezbollah members that were approached forces that dismantling its tunnels, all of them fled: army
Netanyahu says security, defense establishment prevented Hezbollah from acquiring thousands of 'precise' rockets, claims it only has a few dozen
IDF advise residents of Kfarkela in Southern Lebanon to evacuate from their houses that could be affected by explosive devices inside Hezbollah tunnels underground
Israel army informs UNIFIL on another Hezbollah tunnel in Lebanon's territory, demands its destruction
Israeli army has announced it found a second cross-border Hezbollah attack tunnel dug from the Lebanese village of Ramyeh. Israel has requested that UNIFIL ensure the neutralization of the tunnels on the Lebanese side.
IDF MG Strik showed the @UNIFIL_ Commander visuals of another attack tunnel dug underneath homes in the Shi'ite village of Ramyeh crossing into Israeli territory. He requested UNIFIL ensure the neutralization of the tunnel on the Lebanese side.
The CO of the Northern Command, Maj. Gen. Yoel Strik, met with the @UNIFIL_ Commander, Gen. @stefanodelcol from Italy and toured the area of the cross-border attack tunnel that was exposed this week after it was dug from Lebanon into Israel.
Lebanon: Residents receive messages for cell phones to stay away from the tunnels and Hezbollah
Israeli army doing engineering work opposite to Kafr Kila village in South Lebanon
4 day ago
Israel PM Netanyahu warns that the army might need to act in Lebanon itself for destroying Hezbollah tunnels
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu briefed the diplomatic corp in Misgav Am - near the Hezbollah tunnel recently discovered - on Operation Northern Shield4 day ago
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu briefed the diplomatic corp in Misgav Am - near the Hezbollah tunnel recently discovered - on Operation Northern Shield
Israel's Prime minister @netanyahu just briefed members of the Diplomatic Corps near Metula about 'Operation Northern Shield': "These tunnels are big enough for troops, big enough to use motorcycles, to attack, to kidnap - this is a serious threat"
Residents of the city Kfar Kila have received evacuation notices from the Israeli army, due to an impending tunnel demolition.
20-year old ISIS member from Sweden detained in Lebanon. Admitted he was planning to kidnap foreign diplomat children in Stockholm on behalf of ISIS. He was also in contact with jihadists in France to plan political assassinations
Lebanese PM @saadhariri: the Lebanese gov't zealously guards its obligations regarding its sovereignty and security of its borders, and reaffirms that it will not violate UNSC Resolution 1701
An Israeli army team participated in a pre-scheduled trilateral meeting with a team from the Lebanese Armed Forces. The meeting was led by the UNIFIL Force Commander and Head of Mission.
Israeli army Arabic Spox @AvichayAdraee refuses to tell whether "Northern Shield" to remain confined to Israeli territory. "We're currently discovering, destroying Hezbollah tunnels in Israeli territory. After that, we'll deal with matters as necessary."
Hezbollah-tied media releases pictures of additional Israeli drilling along the Israel Lebanon border
The IDF Spokesperson Minutes after the operation, we secretly put a camera into the tunnel, you can see Hezbollah operatives moving into the camera inside the tunnel. When they touch the camera, it initiates an explosive charge that prevents the use of other tunnels
Netanyahu: Hezbollah wanted to infiltrate into our territory through the tunnels as part of a broad campaign they planned to occupy parts of the Galilee
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