30 November 2023
1 month ago
The Iranian Foreign Minister announces that the continuation of Israeli attacks against the Palestinians will be met with a response from "the rest of the axes."
1 month ago
The Official Lebanese Agency: Representatives of Hamas and Islamic Jihad receive the Iranian Foreign Minister at Beirut Airport
Published: An Israeli army soldier was killed yesterday as a result of Hezbollah's ATGM fire in Arab al-Aramsha
1 month ago
A diplomatic source told that Hezbollah told western mediators they aren’t going to give any guarantees regarding Lebanon’s southern border as far as the war on Gaza goes on
Prime Minister of the Lebanese Caretaker Government: We will submit a protest against Israel to the Security Council
Rockets fired from Lebanon fell on the "Metulla" settlement
Rocket sirens sounding in Metula on the northern border, as sirens continue to sound in southern Israel
Israeli army: Further to the report of the activation of alerts in the north of the country, the air defense launched an interceptor following a detection in the skies of Israel, the alerts were activated following the interception and at this time it was checked whether it was a true detection
The US has not seen any "massing" of Hezbollah forces on the border between Lebanon and Israel, says @SecDef at @NATO press conference
Reports of a patriot missile launch over northern Israel
1 month ago
Israeli army calls residents of Beit Lahia, north of Gaza to evacuate homes before carrying out air strikes
Iranian Foreign Minister: I will visit Iraq, Syria and Lebanon as part of a regional tour
The Israeli Army: Yesterday we made a mistake in announcing the warning on the northern front, and there was no air threat
1 month ago
Iran foreign minister will also visit Lebanon in his regional tour to meet officials on the developments in Palestine. Iranian ambassador to Beirut confirmed Iranian FM’s visit to Lebanon
Gantz: "In Gaza they feel our power, and if necessary - in Lebanon they will also feel it"
1 month ago
The threat of aircraft infiltration from the Lebanese border has been ruled out
1 month ago
The U.S. Embassy in Beirut @usembassybeirut: The U.S. Embassy in Beirut has not evacuated and is open and operating normally. Reports saying otherwise are false. For more information and travel advisories, visit our embassy website
The Israeli army on the infiltration of the aircraft from Lebanon: no hits and no casualties in the north
The Israeli army denies the existence of any infiltration attempts towards northern Israel
Flares over South Lebanon now
1 month ago
Aerial searches for drones that crossed the border from Lebanon towards northern Israel
1 month ago
Ma'alot given the all-clear, no infiltration
1 month ago
Israeli artillery shelling on the vicinity of the town of Ramieh in the central sector of southern Lebanon
1 month ago
Israeli jets flying over the airspace of Shebaa Farms and the eastern sector of southern Lebanon
1 month ago
Suspected terrorist infiltration alert sounding in Ma'a lot Tarshicha
1 month ago
US @Southcom "watching very very closely" for possible action by Iranian proxies, Hezbollah in Central & South America following Hamas attack on Israel, per Gen Richardson
1 month ago
Reports of armed clashes in Beit Hillel, northern Israel
Blast in Metulla, no casualties
1 month ago
Reports of the bombing of the Haifa area with a missile from Lebanon
Israeli warplanes and drones flying in the airspace near Lebanon
Israeli Channel 14: Armed men infiltrated the Maayan Baruch area in the north, and reports of the infiltration of 20 drones
The Israeli Army: Directing all residents of the north to enter protected areas
Head of Upper Galilee council claims some of the aircraft that infiltrated from Lebanon are carrying people
The Israeli Army: Preliminary information about the penetration of 15 aircraft from Lebanon
Reports of paragliders carrying militants in northern Israel
Drone infiltration alerts sounding in northern Israel: Safed, Tiberias, Beit She'an
Early reports indicate dozens of drones launched from Lebanon at Israel1 month ago
Early reports indicate dozens of drones launched from Lebanon at Israel
Massive barrage in northern Israel1 month ago
Massive barrage in northern Israel
1 month ago
Sirens in the Avivim settlement near the border with Lebanon
1 month ago
Hezbollah: Aircraft carriers will not intimidate resistance factions prepared for confrontation until victory and complete liberation are achieved
1 month ago
Hezbollah issues a statement saying the United States is a 'full partner' of Israeli 'aggression' on the Gaza Strip. Hezbollah also says that it holds the United States fully responsible for the airstrikes that are killing civilians in Gaza
The Lebanese Army announces the discovery of the platform from which missiles were launched towards northern Israel
Continuous flight of an unarmed Hermes 900 spy drone over the border with Lebanon1 month ago
Continuous flight of an unarmed Hermes 900 spy drone over the border with Lebanon
Israeli site near Al-Jardah after it was targeted by Hezbollah with guided missiles
1 month ago
UNIFIL denies reports Hizbullah informed the Lebanese army and the international peacekeeping forces UNIFIL to evacuate all sites on the Israeli border immediately
1 month ago
The official spokesperson for UNIFIL, Andrea Tenenti, stated on the X platform that during conflicts, "rumors can run rampant," confirming that UNIFIL persists to be "present and operational."
Israeli army says it carried out a drone strike against a Hezbollah post in southern Lebanon in response to the ATGM attack on an army post, and also launched artillery strikes in the area
South Lebanon: Information indicates that the Israeli site was targeted by launching two missiles at an Israeli armored vehicle.
1 month ago
Al-Mayadin is reporting that Hezbollah has ordered the Lebanese Army and the UNIFIL to evacuate the border region with Galilee
Lebanese News Agency: Israeli bombardment renewed at a more violent pace on the vicinity of border towns, and the sounds of machine guns were heard
Israeli drones fly over a number of Lebanese regions near the border with Israel
Statement from Hezbollah"In a firm response to the Israeli attacks on Monday, 10/09/2023, which led to the deaths of a number of Mujahideen brothers, the dead: Hossam Ibrahim, Ali Fattouni, Ali Hodraj. This morning, Wednesday 10/11/2023, the Mujahideen of the Islamic Resistance targeted the Israeli site of Al-Jardah, opposite the Al-Dhahira area, with guided missiles, which led to a large number of confirmed casualties among the ranks of the occupation forces, including dead and wounded. The Islamic Resistance reaffirms that it will be decisive in its response to the Israeli attacks targeting our country and the security of our people, especially when these attacks lead to deaths"
Israeli army targets border villages in southern Lebanon
With the help of the Home Front Command, the Upper Galilee Regional Council began this morning to place shields in the kibbutzim in order to provide protection for the forces deployed in the council's territory
Hezbollah claims responsibility for targeting an Israeli site with guided missiles
An Israeli tank was hit by an anti-tank missile fired from Lebanon. Military areas are being bombed mutually
1 month ago
UNIFIL forces increased their patrols on the Lebanese-Israeli border
The Israeli army: We launch attacks on Lebanese territory in response to the launching of a missile from Lebanon
Israeli army says an anti-tank guided missile was fired from Lebanon at a military post near Arab al-Aramshe