Map. History of Lebanon conflict

27 Май 2020
Lebanon's new Cabinet shortly before its first meeting at Baabda Presidential Palace near Beirut
Cabinet convenes at Baabda Palace in first session
1 год назад
Lebanon appoints first female Arab interior minister, Raya Hassan
[email protected]: U.S. Secretary of State @SecPompeo will travel to Lebanon.
Washington calls on the Lebanese government not to provide any support to Hezbollah
1 год назад
Утром в пятницу в 2 часа ночи израильский самолёт совершил полет на малой высоте, нарушил воздушное пространство Сирии в районе Голанских высот
The US Treasury warns Hezbollah not to divert funds from the Lebanese Ministry of Health
1 год назад
EU welcomes Lebanese Government formation
1 год назад
Israeli planes and UAVs are flying over southern Lebanon
Lebanon forms new Gov: • 28 Seats; 4 Women; 3 Seats for Hezbollah inc Health; Aoun gets most seats; Hariri tweets: "Get to work" (after 9 months of stalemate)
Lebanese reporters report about the new Cabinet in the Lebanese Presidential palace
1 год назад
Reuters Political sources: Hezbollah takes the Ministry of Health in the Lebanese government
Speaker Nabih Berri joins Baabda talks indicating new Cabinet announcement shortly
1 год назад
From Beirut: Saad Hariri presents to the President of Lebanon the new government formation
1 год назад
Hariri will present his draft government line-up to President Aoun tomorrow
Возвращаются израильские истребители, пролетают над Аль-Наамех на юге Бейрута на средней высоте
Израильская авиация пролетела на большой высоте над районом Наамех в направлении Бейрута
Israeli troops install a second layer of barbed wire over the concrete wall between the Metulla and Kafr Killa1 год назад
Israeli troops install a second layer of barbed wire over the concrete wall between the Metulla and Kafr Killa
Lebanon Hariri Cautiously Optimistic, Says Govt. Crisis to Be Resolved within 2 Days1 год назад
Lebanon Hariri Cautiously Optimistic, Says Govt. Crisis to Be Resolved within 2 Days
1 год назад
LBCI: Lebanese government to be formed tomorrow or day after, unless some issue arises which causes new impasse.
1 год назад
PM-designate Hariri: I'm optimistic, but cautiously so.
1 год назад
Hezbollah Central Committee Member Nabil Qaouq says, "no guarantee of imminent solution to gov't formation impasse." This is despite PM @saadhariri saying he intends to finalize cabinet formation this week.
1 год назад
Nasrallah: Yes, it's in our war plan - which we plan and train for - is to invade the Galilee. But that will depend on the course of war, and we may or may not implement the invasion of the Galilee, but we are capable of it.
1 год назад
Nasrallah: I confirm that some of these tunnels are older than UNSC Resolution 1701, which shows the failure of Israeli intelligence.
1 год назад
Nasrallah: Of course there are tunnels in South Lebanon - notwithstanding whether they are new or old, dug before UNSC Resolution 1701 or before, or who dug the tunnels, etc. Israel, after many years discovered these tunnels. This wasn't surprising.
1 год назад
Nasrallah: Israel announced end of Northern Shield with end of Eizenkot's term as COs. But Northern Shield isn't finished yet - they only announced it's end so Eizenkot could claim it as an accomplishment.
1 год назад
Nasrallah: Reasons for my silence. I don't like to talk a lot or give a lot of speeches. I have to give speeches on special occasions or critical times, but I don't just talk to talk. In December and January, we don't have any special occasions, so I had no reason to speak.
.@AlMayadeenNews interview with Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah begins.1 год назад
[email protected] interview with Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah begins.
Brush fire in Qandoul in Zan - Batroun1 год назад
Brush fire in Qandoul in Zan - Batroun
1 год назад
Hassan Khalil meets with Qatari ambassador to Lebanon
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