Map. History of Lebanon conflict

21 Сентябрь 2020
Pompeo: Revolutionary Guards support terrorism in Iraq and Lebanon
Pompeo: Revolutionary Guards support Hezbollah militia in Lebanon
1 год назад
IAF Israeli Air Force jets over South Lebanon
Aoun meets UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon, UN Deputy Secretary-General
1 год назад
Israeli army drilling on the northern border in search of additional Hezbollah tunnels.
Statement from the Israeli army: A few minutes ago, the Israeli army Spokesperson announced that after 37 years of strenuous effort and intelligence activity of the first order, the Israeli army returned the body of Sergeant Zacharia Baumel to Israel
Operation Noga in which Zacharia Baumel's body was brought to Israel1 год назад
Operation "Noga" in which Zacharia Baumel's body was brought to Israel
1 год назад
Israel announces return of body of soldier missing since 1982 Lebanon war
Venezuelan MFA Jorge Arreaza met with President of the Lebanese Republic @General_Aoun in Beirut
1 год назад
Israeli army Elbit Hermes 450 medium size multi- payload unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) over southern suburb of Beirut
Israel says Hezbollah recently built a 3rd missile factory in Beirut - intelligence shared w. Pompeo, who warned Lebanon during his recent visit.
Lebanese media: reconnaissance aircrafts flying heavily in southern Lebanon
Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah: We expect that Trump will soon announce the West Bank as part of Israel.
Hizbullah Nasrallah calls on Arab leaders to withdraw the Arab peace proposal that has been on the table since 2002 when the Arab League meets in Tunis March 31
Nasrallah: Trump's decision indicates the inability of international institutions to protect any of the rights of peoples
Насралла: признание США суверенитета Израиля над Голанами является ключевым событием в истории арабо-израильского конфликта
1 год назад
Nasrallah: We salute the resilience of our people in Gaza.
1 год назад
Путин обсудит ситуацию с Голанскими высотами с президентом Ливана
1 год назад
Hezbollah, from Lebanon, threatens to rain missiles down on Tel Aviv if the aerial attack on Gaza continues
1 год назад
Hezbollah leader Nasrallah discussing with Hamas leaders about coordination concerning Gaza.
Министерство иностранных дел Ливана: мы осуждаем декларацию Трампа о признании Голан, это нарушение международного права и подрывает любые усилия по достижению мира
Lebanese FM Gebran Bassil: We want strategic relations with Russia, and I renew my call for the establishment of an alliance between American and Russian companies regarding [Lebanese natural] gas.
Lebanese FM Gebran Bassil: The Americans give us aid without any conditions. We wouldn't accept the opposite. Any attempt to tie aid to an attempt to nationalize displaced persons or refugees would be rejected.
Lebanese FM Gebran Bassil to @RTarabic: We disagree with Washington on Hezbollah. They consider it [a] terrorist [group], but we do not.
1 год назад
Lebanon's President Michel Aoun arrives in Moscow, starting an official visit
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Arab Sky News: Lebanon Threatened because Khamenei, Sulaymani and Iran Want to Take Over, Take Control of It and Reach the Mediterranean
1 год назад
[email protected]: Hezbollah receives $700 million annually from the Iranian government.
Pompeo: Hezbollah is responsible for the killing of innocents in Yemen and acts on behalf of Iran
Pompeo: Hezbollah serves the agenda of the Iranian regime
Lebanon's President Aoun told Pompeo that Hezbollah is a Lebanese party with popular support
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