Map. History of Lebanon conflict

15 ตุลาคม 2018

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In an apparent coordinated response following the dispute over missing Washington Post journalist Khashoggi, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, the UAE and Egypt all put out government statements on Sunday expressing solidarity with Saudi Arabia.
Hariri: Campaigns against Saudi Arabia are a violation of the stability of the region
Saad Hariri: Saudi Arabia is one of the central states entrusted with the stability of the region
Man annoyed by dog opens fire in Sharoun, Aley
Deputy Defence Minister Colonel General Alexander Formin met with PM Advisor of the Lebanese Republic George Shaaban1 week ago
Deputy Defence Minister Colonel General Alexander Formin met with PM Advisor of the Lebanese Republic George Shaaban
Lebanese PM @saadhariri: Lebanese President @General_Aoun is interested in forming a new gov't, and we're looking at a period of 10-15 days before announcing the formation of a cabinet.
The US Treasury is imposing sanctions on one person and seven Lebanese companies for "involvement in the financing of Hezbollah"
Lebanese PM @saadhariri from Baabda: I agreed with President Aoun on necessity of speeding up gov't formation process, and we're going to have another meeting soon.
Fmr. Lebanese President Michel Sleiman: After delivery of Russian S-300 defense system to Syria, [Lebanon's] national interest requires not turning Lebanon into a battleground for regional conflicts, particularly the Israeli-Iranian one.
Hezbollah bloc hails FM Bassil's move which refuted "Israeli lies" before public opinion
Hezbollah's parliamentary bloc: The resistance stands by President Aoun in a bid to preserve Lebanon's sovereignty
President Michel Aoun: Lebanon will repel any Israeli aggression against its sovereignty
Lebanon: Aoun reportedly asks UN 2 provide aid to refugees once they return home. Sources quote Aoun: "They lived in tents in Lebanon, they going to live in tents in Syria. Why not keep helping them confront difficult conditions (homes destroyed, no infrastructure, services)
Ambassadors touring at sports stadium near Beirut airport
Ambassadors accidentally went to the golf course *near* but not *at* one of the sites. Diplomats losing patience
Lebanon MFA Bassil and the foreign ambassadors arrived at the sites that Israel pointed as Hezbollah missile sites near Beirut airport
Hundreds of refugees leaving Lebanon to go home to Syria.
Lebanese won't accept UN to be used as a platform to assault Lebanon: Bassil
73 ambassadors descend on Lebanon's foreign ministry for press conference and then tour of sites Netanyahu said at UN General Assembly are secret Hezbollah missile depots.
2 week ago
Lebanon Foreign Minister: Israel seeks to justify another aggression on Lebanon with the alleged presence of missile sites of Hezbollah
USAF RC-135V 64-14848 off Syria
Al-Arabiya: Yemen's Information Minister Muammar al-Iryani criticized Lebanon's Hezbollah, stating that it has turned its stronghold in Beirut into a platform for Houthis, and calling on the Lebanese government to abide by a policy of non-interference
Lebanese President Michel Aoun: We're all fighting terrorism in Lebanon, and Hezbollah repelled the first attack by terror groups against us in Qusayr
Aoun to Russia Today: Hezbollah is part of the Syrian crisis. The failure to reach a settlement constitutes another reason for the group to stay there.
Netanyahu reveals: Hizbollah is working to build an infrastructure for assembling precision rockets into the heart of Beirut. In the past year Hezbollah has been trying to build an infrastructure to convert ground-to-ground missiles to precision missiles in the Uzai neighborhood, near the Beirut airport
After PM Netanyahu speech at the UNGA, Israel army reveals satellite images of Hezbollah's project to upgrade missiles near central sites in Beirut
Michel Aoun, Lebanon's President, tells UNGA that the UNSecurityCouncil has been ineffective due to the veto right, and that countries avoid implementing resolutions "with impunity"
Disputes between internal security forces and airport security forces lead to a halt in passenger traffic at Rafik Hariri airport in Beirut
Lebanese media: passengers stopped for a while at Rafik Hariri airport in Beirut
Abbas Ibrahim, head of Lebanon General Security says so far this year his agency organized the return of 25,000 Syrians in coordination with Damascus. Another 25,000 made their own way home. "The number could reach 200,000 in a year if it continues at this rate"
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