15 Червень 2021
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France FM Le Drian makes it clear any Intl financial assistance depends on creation of credible Lebanese government able to undertake reforms
The Minister of Finance of the caretaker government in Lebanon: We face real difficulties in financing the country as a whole
The Lebanese President: I assure the people that we will pass the difficult stage
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Jounieh highway was cut in two directions by protesters over the arrest of activists
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Saudi Foreign Minister: We will always be in support of Lebanon and its stability
1 рік тому
Lebanese Minister of Defense: If what is attributed to the adviser to the chief of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard regarding the exploitation of our lands is true, it is "unfortunate and unacceptable and contradicts Lebanon's sovereignty"
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Lebanese demonstrators try to storm the office of the mayor of Tripoli
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Lebanese Army: Six soldiers were wounded during the dispersal of demonstrators last night in the city of Tripoli
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France says meeting will see international community call for creation of a credible and efficient Lebanese government
Lebanon's caretaker Energy Minister says the country will no longer have a gasoline crisis
Lebanon's Hariri seeking aid to secure food and raw materials from friendly states
Demonstrators in front of the Lebanon Bank to protest the country's fiscal policies
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Hezbollah commandos are back on Israel's border, armed with the element of surprise
Road closures in Beirut and a number of other areas in Lebanon
More demonstrators flocked to the Ring Bridge in Beirut and closed the two lanes
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Netanyahu says before his meeting with Pompeo that the demonstrations in Lebanon, Iraq and Iran give a big opportunity to enhance the pressure on the Iranian government
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Lebanese security forces are deployed at the Ring Bridge in the center of Beirut
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Lebanese army arrests 16 people, including Syrians, on international road block in Saadnayel area
Lebanese Presidency: The consultation conducted by the President of the Republic does not constitute a violation of the Constitution or a violation of the Taif Agreement
Former Lebanese prime ministers implicitly accuse the presidency of violating the Taif agreement and the constitution
Israeli Air Force jets are flying over Beirut and South Lebanon
Security forces arrested a person involved in blocking the road in the Ring Bridge in Beirut
1 рік тому
Protesters block Tripoli-Beirut road with tires and obstacles
Protesters cut off the Ring Bridge in the center of Beirut
1 рік тому
Hamas denies any relation with the events in Iraq and Lebanon
USAF C-130H Hercules CROME64 airborne from Beirut Lebanon
A number of rioters blocked the Naameh road in both directions with burning tires
1 рік тому
The Trump administration has quietly released more than $100 million in US military assistance to "Lebanon after months of unexplained delay"
Lebanon's caretaker Energy Minister Nada Boustani delays a fuel tender by one week to allow for more competition
Israeli warplanes overflew the capital Beirut and its suburbs at medium to low altitude
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