27 Вересень 2021
Pompeo: Smuggling of weapons by Hezbollah strikes Lebanon's stability
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Out of 896 covid-19 tests conducted in Roumieh, Lebanon's largest prison (and a ly overcrowded one), 325 of them came back positive, a positivity rate of more than 36%
Demonstration in Beirut
The head of the Israeli army's Northern Command Maj.-Gen. Amir Baram pays a surprise visit to his son who has been deployed to the area for several weeks as Israel's military remains on high alert over concerns of an attack by Hezbollah
US Navy P8 Poseidon AE687A patrolling over Eastern Mediterranean1 рік тому
US Navy P8 Poseidon AE687A patrolling over Eastern Mediterranean
Aoun: We are the ones who form the Lebanese government, not the French president
Michel Aoun excludes any solution soon to form the Lebanese government
Israeli warplane continues its low flight and carries out mock raids provocatively over many Lebanese regions.
Lebanese Prime Minister-designate calls for the success of the French initiative immediately
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Those on boat had to drop the bodies in the sea; parents didn't know they would be saved days later by UN boat; not clear if this is the body of Sufian or Mohammed Lebanon - UN says at least 21 boats attempted the illegal sea crossing since July
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Child body washed to shore; taken to hospital- 2 children (3 yr old Sufian & 2 yr old Mohammed) among 12 who died or are missing at sea -boat had no food & water &drifted at sea for week; dozens of Lebanese &Syrian refugees tried to reach EU member Cyprus in recent weeks Lebanon
Former Heads of Lebanese Government: A government must be formed as soon as possible to keep Lebanon from collapse, seditions and evils
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Lebanon records 750 new cases of Coronavirus, and 18 deaths
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UNHCR, UNICEF concerned by spike in self-organized movements by boats to Cyprus in recent weeks & distraught by the deaths and dangerous situations that many vulnerable men, women and children are put into as they desperately search for means of survival #Lebanon
The Republican Palace in Lebanon: President Michel Aoun received a call from his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron about the government situation
Head of the Lebanese Forces Party: The demand of Hezbollah and the Amal movement to choose the finance minister strikes the French initiative to the core
The Greek Navy Landing Ship L175 Ikaria, docked in Beirut harbor, carrying help from Greece
Lebanon: Aoun affirms adherence to the French initiative with all its provisions
Pompeo after imposing new sanctions: Hezbollah is deceiving the Lebanese and exploiting their economy
U.S. is sanctioning around 46 individuals affiliated with Iran's Ministry of Intelligence and Security, as well as APT39, linking it to MOIS. Noteworthy uptick in sanctioning young Iranians
Lebanon - Sources of the designated prime minister say that he was assigned to form a non-political government of specialists
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Source from Beirut Airport confirms that fire was caused by malfunction of an electricity generator belonging to Middle East Airlines. It is under control
Thick white smoke coming from Beirut Airport, reportedly from a fire at the premises. Lebanon  Video from @salmanonline1 рік тому
Thick white smoke coming from Beirut Airport, reportedly from a fire at the premises. Lebanon Video from @salmanonline
Smoke rises from Beirut airport1 рік тому
Smoke rises from Beirut airport
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Lebanese Doctors Syndicate: more than 200 cases of Coronavirus in Roumieh prison
US Navy P8 Poseidon AE686F patrolling off the coast of Syria1 рік тому
US Navy P8 Poseidon AE686F patrolling off the coast of Syria
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The French Presidency: We regret the failure of the Lebanese politicians to fulfill their pledges
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The French Presidency: It is not too late to form a government and act in the interest of Lebanon
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Ongoing Israeli army artillery drill/ excercise in occupied Golan Heights, northern Israel. Sounds of explosions reported
Another fire in Beirut. This time in Beirut Souks department store designed by Zaha Hadid
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