22 Червень 2021
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French Foreign Ministry: The next Lebanese government should be able to implement the necessary reforms
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Injuries in clashes between demonstrators and security in Abda
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Massive demonstrations in the Bekaa in eastern Lebanon, Majdal Anjar and the Masnaa border area with Syria
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Confrontation in Sidon between protesters insisting on blocking roads and Lebanese Army
At the Ring now. Hundreds here, a couple dozen security forces standing a hundred meters away. Chants of "all of them means all of them."
Banks in Lebanon to reopen on Friday, senior banking officials tells @DailyStarLeb. The source has denied reports of capital controls, calling it 'nonsense'
2:30 and fires are being set. Still no security forces presence more than 30 mins after these men arrived in downtown.
Lebanese President Michel Aoun asked Saad Hariri's government to act as a caretaker following his resignation and pending the formation of a new cabinet
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Khamenei: Who imagined the Zionist government - which couldn't be defeated by three Arab countries in 6 days - would be forced to retreat by the devout youth during the 33-day Lebanon War and the 22-day Gaza War Be sure that God surely fulfills His promises
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Protesters in Sidon: We agreed to continue with the protests in Elia Square and open the roads to maintain a peaceful atmosphere
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Khamenei: I recommend those who care in Iraq and Lebanon remedy the insecurity and turmoil created in their countries by the U.S., the Zionist government, some western countries, and the money of some reactionary countries
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Iran's Khamenei attacks the movement in Lebanon and Iraq and describes it as a riot with America and Israel behind
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Khamenei: Coming in minutes: Statements from the graduation ceremony of cadets in the Islamic Republic of Iran's Army concerning recent events in Iraq and Lebanon
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Iran calls for calm in Lebanon and Iraq and opposes foreign intervention
Beirut Ring road is being opened
Lebanese banks have been closed for 13 days during protests over fears that everyone will try to withdraw their savings all at once. There are signs this is happening already. All of these receipts are withdrawal slips. "You have exceeded your withdrawal limit."
Lebanese military reopens the highway in Jab el-Dib north of Beirut Lebanon1 рік тому
Lebanese military reopens the highway in Jab el-Dib north of Beirut Lebanon
Lebanon's PM Saad Hariri handing his resignation to President Michel Aoun as a result of Lebanon Protests
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French FM: Lebanon faces "very serious" crisis
Blocking the road with burning tires in the area of Mullah Verdun
Hariri leaves Baabda Presidential Palace after submitting his written resignation without giving any statement
Reaction on street to news of Lebanese prime minister Saad Hariri's resignation after nearly two weeks of protests
Saad Hariri resigns as prime minister of Lebanon
Hundreds of protestors are back near the ring on the Ashrafieh side after attacks from Hezbollah and Amal supporters. Waiting for Hariiri's speech
Demonstrators return to Martyrs' Square and calls for the restoration of tents
Army and riot police deploy in Martyrs Square after breaking up of sit-in
Hezbollah and Amal are burning it all down.
Hezbollah elements attack protesters in Riad Solh Square in central Beirut
Hezbollah and Amal militiamen uproot protesters' tents in the Riad Solh area
Serious clashes ongoing in downtown Beirut , as Hezbollah, Amal supporters are destroying protesters tents and beating up people protesting, Lebanese security forces are attempting to control the violence, so far with not much success
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