15 July 2024
The Lebanese President announces Lebanon's approval of the final version of the maritime border demarcation agreement between Lebanon and Israel
Israel PM says the agreement with Lebanon diminishes the chances of war with Hezbollah
Al-Kazemi meets with the commander of the Lebanese army to discuss vehicles to support the military institution to improve its performance and ways to enhance joint cooperation between the two countries
The Israeli government plenary approved the principles of the maritime border agreement with Lebanon and its tabling in the Knesset for a 14 day review and a discussion in the foreign relations & security committee. After 14 days the government will vote again
Lebanese President Michel Aoun says Syrian refugees will start being returned in successive groups to Syria at the end of next week - statement
Full maritime border agreement between Israel and Lebanon published
US Prez. Joe Biden held phone call with Lebanon's Michel Aoun following historic Maritime Deal between LB & Israel brokered by US today. Source: Lebanese Presidency
1 year ago
Reuters, citing Lebanese officials: Hezbollah has agreed to the maritime border demarcation agreement with Israel
Israeli Prime Minister Lapid announced Israel accepts the U.S. proposal for a maritime border agreement with Lebanon. The Israeli security cabinet and the full government will convene tomorrow to approve it
Lapid: The maritime border demarcation agreement with Lebanon meets Israel's economic and political demands
Israel PM Lapid says Israel and Lebanon have reached an historic deal on their maritime border
Lebanese Energy Minister Walid Fayyad says TotalEnergies will begin process of exploring for gas in Lebanese waters as soon as deal on maritime border with Israel is concluded. Comments come after meeting with senior Total delegation
Israeli energy minister tells @GLZRadio all of Israel's demands met in Lebanon gas deal after Beirut caves in; national security adviser says "we're on the way to a historic agreement," @kann_news reports
Senior Israeli official tells: "Israel still wants to get an agreement on the maritime border with Lebanon, appreciates the work of the U.S. mediator Amos Hochstein and is confident he can negotiate the remaining differences"
The US State Department: Lebanon-Israel maritime border negotiations are in their final stage, and we remain committed to finding a solution
Israeli army Gantz instructed Israeli DF to prepare for an escalation in Israel's northern border with Lebanon given the developments in border negotiations
Talks between Israel and Lebanon over the Harish gas field have collapsed, after @yairlapid refused to accept the latest demands from Lebanon
An Israeli official: The chances of an agreement on the maritime border with Lebanon before the elections are low
Lebanese prime minister Najib Mikati says the maritime border deal with Israel will prevent a regional war
1 year ago
Lebanese MP Cynthia Zarazir has entered Byblos Bank in Antelias to demand access to her frozen savings for an upcoming surgery. She is unarmed & wants $8,500 - via @Reuters
Deputy Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament: Negotiations over the maritime borders with Israel are over
Lebanese Prime Minister: The maritime border demarcation file with Israel is on the right track
The Lebanese parliament fails to elect a president
IMF says progress on reforms agreed in April to address Lebanon's financial crisis "remains very slow", And repeats for those who don't listen: "Recourse to public resources- assets belonging to all Lebanese citizens, with or without a bank account - should be limited
The red line to us is that there should not be extraction from Karish, Iran backed Hezbollah chief  warned Israel Yesterday, Israeli Defense Minister Gantz @gantzbe warned Nasrallah if he attacks Karish gas field, Lebanon will pay the price1 year ago
"The red line to us is that there should not be extraction from Karish", Iran backed Hezbollah chief warned Israel Yesterday, Israeli Defense Minister Gantz @gantzbe warned Nasrallah "if he attacks Karish gas field, Lebanon will pay the price"
Lebanese News Agency: Central Security Council meeting will discuss security measures in light of bank raids
Lebanese people are storming banks and attempting to take hostages to withdraw money from their own bank accounts
Information about the storming of the Bank of Lebanon and Gulf Bank, its branches, Ramlet Al-Bayda and Hamra
A Lebanese security source: An armed man was arrested after trying to storm a bank in the south of the country to recover his frozen savings
A bomb detonated outside the house of Hezbollah-backed Lebanese caretaker public works minister Ali Hamieh on Thursday in the eastern Bekaa Valley. His office says the explosive wrapped in electrical wires was detonated in his garden outside his home